10 Apps Which Will Help with Writing a Personal Statement in 2019

A personal statement is an important essay and could be a huge deciding factor. Many students are often stressed out before they even start. When writing a statement of purpose for graduate school, you might be a bit more prepared. All those previous personal statements could have been great practice rounds. We have access to some great tools and apps to help us with simple tasks and those not so pleasant ones. There are some of the best apps out there to help you with your personal statement writing.

#1. Freemind

Coming up with great writing angles is always a challenge and it is the same with SOP writing. This app allows you to do a quick brainstorming session and organize your ideas. You need a clear understanding of where you are going with your writing before you start. This app is great for just that.

#2. Diaro

There are moments in your life that needs to be documented. This will help a lot with writing a statement of purpose study abroad. You can document memories or events and also attach photographs to boost your memory. A lot of these memories will make it into your personal statement.

#3. Todoist

Being organized is a sign of self-care to me. When you are unorganized, you usually end up getting nothing done. Plan your writing schedule on this app without much effort. It can be as simple as scheduling a writing session at a certain time each day. We are busy as it is and often forget important tasks.

#4. Cliché finder

This tool is especially necessary for Sop writing. When we are passionate about something, we often use a lot of clichés. A sop accounting just won’t be well presented with clichés all over the place. This app will identify clichés and give you a prompt. You can then decide if you want to include the cliché or delete it.

#5. Marinara Timer

We all need a little break after working on a task for a while. This times is based on the Pomodoro system. It is one of the most effective systems to help you take breaks on a regular basis. Don’t get to that point where your brain just cannot focus anymore.

#6. Jotterpad

Not everyone walks around with their laptops, but most of us have our mobile phones on us all the time. This app is great for jotting down ideas as we go about our day. You might have forgotten and important event in your SOP. As soon as it comes to you, writing it down on this app and go work on it when you get home.

#7. MarkdownX

Losing information you have worked so hard on is devastating. This app actually backs up your information to your Google Docs account. No more worrying about your completed essay going missing.

#8. INKredible

The format is very important for personal statements and this app helps you view it perfectly. The resolution does not matter much on this app as it always prints out beautifully. You no longer have to edit the printing quality of your writing.

#9. Textie Markdown Editor

Everyone enjoys fun features on apps. This one is great for writing and editing as you go along. You simply swipe any content you want to remove from your SOP. There is no gimmicks and it works well as an editing app.

#10. Simple Note

Editing is a huge part of writing. First drafts are rarely any good and we often spend more time proofreading and editing as we do writing. This app is great because you can actually set an alarm for when you want to edit. This way, you won’t procrastinate or forget to work on your personal statement.

Which writing apps are your favorites?

There are times we can get creative with our writing and then there are more serious tasks. You need all of the tools you can get for completing your personal statement. It is an important essay and you want to give it your best shot. These apps are not only fun to use but it also gives you accurate results. It is definitely worth a try.

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