10 Best Cities for Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing continues to expand as a field and a practice. Naturally, the best opportunities for digital marketing careers follow the money.

One great advantage to pursuing digital marketing as a career is that it incorporates traditional marketing practices that will always keep your resume relevant.

If you’re looking to take the next step in your life and advance your digital marketing career, then start your job search in any of these ten cities.

San Francisco

Home to Netflix, Niantic, EA, Pixar, Pandora, and so much more, San Francisco and the Silicon Valley are among the world’s fastest-growing technological sectors. In such a highly competitive business climate, digital marketers come in high demand around the Bay Area. With some of the nation’s highest paying internet marketing jobs, San Francisco remains the nation’s best city to find and launch a digital marketing career.


Chicago is home to over hundreds of digital marketing agencies bidding on hundreds of thousands of businesses across Illinois. In fact, Chicago was ranked number two in the nation for small business growth.

With opportunities for web design, paid advertising, content marketing, and everything in between, Chicago is America’s 2nd leading city for digital marketing opportunities and agency growth. Take an agency like iProspect, which boasts 71 different offices and over 2,000 employees.

New York City

Unsurprisingly, New York City is still the number one city in terms of total small businesses and the greatest population. With over 8.5 million people and over one million establishments, competition in the Big Apple is incredibly rigid and there are hundreds of agencies competing in the space.

New York City provides the highest paying digital salaries and the opportunity to work at a global agency. Unfortunately, New York City is expensive to live in, so there’s many tradeoffs to taking an entry-level or mid-level job at a digital marketing company in New York.


With a rich history and culture, Boston tends to attract some of the nation’s best talent in the northeast. Unfortunately, the cost of living in Boston is 132% above the national average. However, the median salary in Boston is 34% greater than the rest of the nation and digital marketing jobs in Boston are of some of the highest paying in the US. Internet marketing managers can make more than $100,000 a year and paid media specialists can make upward of $80,000.


Being home to some of the industry’s most famous startups, Moz and FellSwoop, Seattle is a hotbed for internet marketing opportunities on the west coast. While the cost of living in Seattle is particularly high, jobs in digital marketing are abundant. With a focus on green sustainability and a burgeoning tech sector, there’s plenty of opportunities for entry-level positions to kickstart your career in one of America’s fastest-growing cities.


The Charlotte area was listed by Mondo as one of the fastest growing digital marketing industries in the country. With a low cost of living and a growing job market, Charlotte provides agencies an excellent opportunity to reach small businesses across the east coast at a low rate. With over thousands of available positions, Charlotte’s internet marketing industry continues to grow year-over-year.


Listed as one of the top cities for millennials to purchase a home, houses for sale in Indianapolis are well below the national media average for existing homes. With loose regulations and business-friendly policies, Indianapolis boasts one of the nation’s fastest-growing job markets. With a particular growth in measured marketing, Indianapolis is a perfect place for young talent looking to pursue a digital marketing career and also retain that big city lifestyle at an affordable price.


Minneapolis and St. Paul are among one of the nation’s fastest-growing areas for marketing. With over 90 companies making Inc’s list of fastest growing companies in the US, the Minneapolis area is home to some of the nation’s largest businesses and corporations, including Mayo Clinic. Boasting major sports teams and one of the nation’s friendliest people, Minneapolis is the perfect place to start your career in digital marketing.


While job growth in Houston slowed after Hurricane Harvey, it still remains one of the nation’s fastest-growing business hubs. With its eclectic cultural mix of cowboy boot retailers and private arts markets, Houston is also one of the nation’s most exciting cities to move to. With the highest population of any Texas city, digital marketing jobs are abundant across the Houston metro area.


Finally, the mile high city provides agencies access to one of the nation’s fastest-growing states in terms of small business growth and population. Being one the nation’s fastest-growing cities, Denver remains a great city to launch a digital marketing career. Denver continues to attract young talent from across the country, seeking to live in a sustainable and progressive city.

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