10 Ideas to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Blogging is probably the oldest kind of content on the Internet. Times may change, new features may come, like stories on Facebook and Instagram, but blogs still have a huge impact. Your website traffic, brand awareness, leads generation and conversion are all dependent on your blog.

But how do you make your posts really interesting and engaging, as there are so-o-o-o many blogs out there now? Let’s find out everything we can about efficient blogging for your brand.

#1. It’s all about the content in your blog

Whatever advice you use or things you try out, always remember that blogs require interesting content. You should write about something you actually know. Show your expertise. What is more, think about your readers’ perspective and try to bring some value. Even Google cares about the value of blog posts the most when ranking your website.

#2. Don’t forget about SEO

It’s not like you should fill your blog with keywords. This practice is long dead. As we have mentioned above, you should care about content value. And there is no better way to check if people are interested in a certain topic than by keywords research. Although the number of keywords you target may differ, we recommend adding no more than 3-4 phrases per page. This way you make sure the readability is high and your page ranks well, while not overflowing your website with irrelevant keywords.

#3. Add visual content to every post

Plain text is actually boring, no matter how serious your topics are. People tend to get lost in the words if there are no pictures between paragraphs. So, your bounce rates will be a lot higher if you do not add visual content.

If you are writing about some business stuff (i.e., marketing), add some graphs to your blog posts. If your topics are less ‘serious,’ you can use something brighter and more interesting. But don’t make it irrelevant. Everybody loves kittens in moderate amounts.

#4. Use some fun to keep readers engaged

Don’t be plain boring. It’s OK to insert a GIF or forget about a business tone sometimes. But you shouldn’t do it too often. The best advice we can give is to think about a certain way you want to talk with your readers and use it in every post. Let people get used to how you communicate and they might even start commenting your posts.

#5. Write like talking to a friend

Developing our thought from the previous paragraph, you should use a friendly tone. We don’t mean not caring about grammar or quoting Jeff. It’s about explaining difficult stuff in easy words. After all, if you want your blog to be shared on social media, you need to make sure as many people as possible do understand what it’s all about.

#6. Quote professionals

If you want people to believe you, tell them where you learned what you blog. Quoting experts is always a good idea. You can also add no-follow links to top blogs so that your readers can check if you are right. It’s not like they would question your knowledge, but assuring everything is professional is never a bad idea.

#7. Share your blog on social media channels

Never forget to promote your company, your ideas, and your blog. In fact, it is a good idea to share small pieces of your bigger articles on Facebook, for example. So people can get a glimpse at what your post is about read it all if they find it interesting. Thus, think about social media shares as a promo of your whole content.

#8. Make email newsletters

If your prospects have subscribed to your newsletter, use this opportunity to send them your blog articles. You should develop a precise plan on how, when, and what to send. Gather the data of whether recipients find some articles more interesting than others and send those more often.

#9. Use an email signature

Once you start sending newsletters or any other emails, make sure you have an email signature installed. It is a powerful marketing instrument, so you should use a professional one. To create HTML email signature, use an online generator like Newoldstamp. This way you will never bother writing any code or trying to get some designing skills. Newoldstamp has an intuitive editor, suitable both for personal and corporate uses.

You can add a promo banner with a link to your blog, as well as any social media links. So, your content will not go unnoticed.

#10. Add related articles section

If people find your articles interesting or just want to learn more, they should have the ability to do so without leaving your blog. So, add 2-3 links at the end of each blog post with your related articles. This way you will increase the visit time for your website and help people learn everything they want.

To sum up, write interesting and engaging posts as if you were talking to your friend. Use every effort to drag people’s attention and make them stay on your website a bit longer. Also, don’t forget about promoting your blog on social media and via email.

John Morris
John Morrishttps://www.tenoblog.com
John Morris is a self-motivated person, a blogging enthusiast who loves to peek into the minds of innovative entrepreneurs. He's inspired by emerging tech & business trends and is dedicated to sharing his passion with readers.


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