10 Mistakes You Should Stop Doing in Prospecting Your Emails Right Now

Email is the best platform for advertising and promotion of a particular product or service. When you are sending emails to your prospective clients, they expect certain things that must be included in your emails. Those are the essential parts like:

  • Catchy subject,
  • Useful content,
  • Great design,
  • Email signature.

Although email senders and promoting companies are responsible for the email to be perfect, they make a lot of mistakes which lead to the emails being sent to the Promotion Tab, Spam folder or not being opened at all.

If the emails reach Promotion Tab or Spam in Gmail, for example, it is least likely to be even seen by a recipient. So, it is quite important for your sales and business in the whole to improve your email promo campaign and make your emails get read or at least opened.

If you are also going through such problems, it means you’ve probably made some of the most common mistakes. Therefore, let’s point out and check 10 mistakes that you should stop right now in your email campaign.

10 Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

The promo emails are quite important from the point of view of business expansion and marketing. You will never be able to improve sales unless you get the right type of email.

So, first, let’s figure out what kind of mistakes could be made so that you can correct and improve emails in the future:

#1. Too much writing in an email body

Yes, the information is important but you need to shorten text in your email body and maybe put a link of your website for further information.

Try to keep it brief and put pictures to depict certain things.

#2. Irrelevant information in email signature

Email signatures are analogous to business cards and it’s like a sign of authentication. The email signature consists of name, title or company name, contact information.

When creating an email signature, it’s better to not exceed 3-4 lines of short text. When you put too much information, people will end up by not reading them and definitely not be contacting you.

#3. Irrelevant picture or photo in email signature

On the left or right side usually comes to the images which should either be your headshot or logo of the company. Try to avoid putting here irrelevant pictures in the email signature.

#4. Unprofessional signatures

Email signatures, as you would have already figured out are quite essential, so it is advisable to get it done via an online email signature generator.

#5. Too many links and pictures in email body

There should be a proper ratio between text and pictures. If you put too many pictures or links then the email could be automatically detected by Google as promotional and sent to the spam folder which is never opened or maybe seen once in a few months.

So, try to avoid adding more than 2 pictures and 2 links. Additionally, pictures should be high quality and relevant.

#6. Not segmenting your clients

Before you send out your emails, segregating your clients according to the location or area of interest is crucial. Try to prepare the right content for your segment that will be interesting for your audience.

#7. Not personalizing emails

Remember to make the emails personal so that the customer or client will feel valued and also do prior research to be sure to touch the right cords.

#8. Being unprofessional

Yes, you need to connect to the client but at the same time, you need to remain professional and not use a tone that might disturb the client. Therefore, use the friendly wording, avoid personal pronouns and make clear call-to-actions (CTAs).

#9. Making long subject lines

Subject line must be catchy and relevant to the email body so that the client will see it and open the email. Too long subject line or a subject line which is boring will not attract recipient’s attention.

#10. Pushing the client to buy the product or service

You should never beg the client to purchase your product or click the CTA buttons or links. The least you can do is to tell about the advantages and the offers.

It could be very annoying when promo emails contain information that pushes the client to buy products or services. Such content is the main reason why the clients unsubscribe from the emails.

The above-given points show the glaring mistakes. If you are making them, work on improving your emails and promo content.

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