10 Most Useful Outdoor Tech Gadgets 2018

For a number of years, the invention of fire was touted to be the greatest moment in human history. However, times are moving pretty quickly, and new inventions are taking place every single day. The rapid advancement of technology has also contributed a great deal towards making life easier for mankind.

Today, people can survive quite easily, even in the wild, with the help of some Outdoor Tech Gadgets to help them perform the most vital functions.

Let us look at 10 technical gadgets that can be of extreme use when living outdoors.

1- Personal Water Filter from LifeStraw

The availability of purified drinking water is one of the most critical survival problems people often face when out in the wild. This personal water filter can help you drink water from streams, lakes, and puddles without running the risks of consuming the bacterial content of the water.

This piece of tech uses a filter that purifies the water from the microbiological content, making the water fit for consumption. Moreover, it can be purchased online at very reasonable prices, allowing you to protect yourself from dehydration during your outings.

2- Swedish Army Firesteel

Along with purified drinking water, fire is the most important thing for survival when you are out there in the wild. Now, you could, of course, carry a lighter to light your fires. However, that runs on gas and petroleum. Moreover, a lighter is not likely to work if drenched in water somehow.

This is why the Swedish Army Firesteel happens to be a much-needed piece of tech that you must carry during your outdoor trips. Capable of lighting massive fires at 3,000 degrees Celsius and lasting for a massive 12,000 strikes, this fire-starting equipment is definitely a must-have.

3- Solar Powered Power Banks

No matter how much we despise it or say that we would not do it, we always end up using out mobile phones for some purpose or the other. The Smartphone devices have somewhat become an addiction for people these days.

Imagine the frustration when the battery runs out, and you have to electricity to power it up again! Thankfully, these Solar Powered Power Banks recharge using solar energy, making it one of the best Outdoor Tech Gadgets. Hence, you can easily recharge your phone batteries by simply hanging out these power banks in the sun to dry (recharge)!

4- Solar Powered Torch

Trekking and camping can be great adventures to go on, but things can become incredibly dangerous at night. This is why you must always keep a torch handy so that you can see the way. However, this might not always be possible with torches powered by batteries as the batteries may often run out of power.

With this solar powered torch, however, you can ensure that your torch is always charged to light up the way for you. Just an hour of solar charging is enough to make the torch work for a couple of hours at least.

5- JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth Speakers

Although there may be plenty of things to see and explore during your trekking trips, a little music can do no harm. In fact, it can only make your overall experience even better. Hence, carrying JBL flip 3 one of the best bluetooth speakers with you might be a great idea.

It consumes very little power while playing music with very high-quality sound. It also amplifies the various technical aspects of your favorite tracks, allowing you to enjoy your trips even more.

6- Sun Oven

If you want to eat quality foods even during your trekking trips and camping, you might want to carry this Global Sun Oven with you. It only weighs a meager 21 pounds, which does not add substantially to your baggage.

However, it allows you to cook your food without needing any gas or fire. It can cook food at temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, by simply concentrating the heat of the sun on the food. This will allow you to cook delicious dishes even when you are out in the wild.

7- Multi-tool set from Leatherman

A multi-tool set, although viewed primarily as a knife with a few other kinds of stuff, is actually much more than that. This set is stacked up with a number of other important tools that can be pretty handy in your survival attempts out there in the wild. This tool has a number of functions that can be easily executed by using the tool in one hand, allowing you a spare hand for other functions.

8- Osprey Atmos AG Backpack

This backpack is created with a great technological design that helps even your heavy baggage feel incredibly light. The primary reason behind this, however, is the lightweight mesh. It hugs your body from the shoulders right down to your hips.

This helps to make the backpack snugly fit on your body, making the item appear like an extension of your own body. This helps you to carry the weight on your shoulder and back without much difficulty.

9- VSSL Supplies Kit

When you are camping outside or trekking out in the wild, you will need a number of utility items. These items may include a first aid kit, compass, LED lights, tabs for water purification, rope, razor blades and a variety of other things.

How would it feel if you could accommodate all of them in a single can-like kit? This Supplies kit from VSSL allows you to accommodate all this and much more in a single cylindrical can so that you can carry all the essential supplies without adding much to your baggage or taking up too much space.

10- Camp Stove from BioLite

This camp stove can be of great help for you to cook your food when you are out trekking. Moreover, the stove works on biomass such as dry twigs and leaves. Hence, you do not have to worry about carrying the fuel with you.

However, this is not really the function that makes it incredibly special. The stove can also be used to recharge your phone batteries so that you can make a pivotal call in times of distress, and summon help.

There are plenty of other such Outdoor Tech Gadgets that can be of great use when trekking or camping out there in the wild. Be sure to choose your gadgets wisely, and it will only help you to survive that much longer, and also help you enjoy better during your trips.

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