10 Proper Nutrition Juice Recipe For Athlete

It is a common knowledge that athletes need some nutrition juice recipe that will enhance their workout routine and make it more effective. These nutrition juice recipe helps increase their energy as well as revive their muscles.

Cherry juice


After a very intense workout that leaves the whole body aching and stress concentrated, cherry juice helps recovery fast from a painful workout. Studies have revealed that taking cherry juice reduces muscle damage caused by exercise.

Tomato juice


Most athletes find this juice recipe to be of great benefit to them. It’s mostly consumed after a rigorous workout. It also helps recover the muscle fast and also stabilizes the blood-sugar level.

Watermelon juice


This is sometimes called watermelon-cherry juice. Watermelon gives the amino acid and cherry juice contains antioxidants, so the combination of the two helps lower muscle soreness and also the vitamin c contained protects the immune system.

Cucumber juice


Containing cucumber, green apple, mint leaves, coconut water and turmeric, the cucumber juice is good for hydrating the body when the water content is getting low. The addition of coconut water is to provide the electrolyte potassium while the turmeric prevents inflammation.

Chard leaves juice


Chard leaves juice is highly recommended for athletes because it’s high in vitamin K which helps protect the bone. Sometimes it is used with Apple to lower the bitter taste. Most times when it is served it usually contains 102 calories.

Carrot juice


Particularly for lung protection, carrot juice is good for the athlete. This is because it’s rich in beta-carotene. Green tea is part of the juice preparation which provides catechins. This is to lower muscle damage caused by an extreme workout. Some of the ingredients contained are apple, ginger, strawberries, cold green tea and carrot itself.

Celery-citrus juice


Some of the ingredients for making celery-citrus juice are lemon, orange, celery, beet, carrot, and basil. Celery in the juice enhances the bone health while the citrus fruits like orange are rich in vitamin C. This vitamin C helps form the collagen needed for joints in the body to work properly.

Almond juice


Almond juice is good for the athlete because it helps build the muscle and ripped abs, also repairs it. The ingredients for making this juice are orange, almonds, potato, and apples. The juice provides potassium which helps balance the electrolyte and fluids in the body.

Blueberry pomegranate juice


Blueberries contain flavonoids and polyphenols that help lower oxidative damage which might be caused by an extreme workout. More so, this nutrition juice helps keep the cholesterol in the body in check.

Beetroot juice


As a natural performance booster, beetroot juice is commonly used by athletes. The juice provides more result and powerful result higher than what will be the result if the same level of effort had been put into the training. Apart from the muscle that becomes more efficient, it also enhances the cardio performance of an athlete. It helps lower the blood pressure and give blood richer in oxygen. Beetroot juice contains carrots, kale leaves, ginger root, lemon, and clove garlic.

What types of juicer good to make juice?

A lot of juicer on the market, you should catch the right juicer. Cold press juicer Machine is most recommended.

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