10 Tips to Help You Create Amazing Video Contests

Video contests can be very rewarding to run, depending on the goals you have. The efforts you put will also play role in determining the engagement of the players. The good thing is that the whole work can be done within the limited time possible now that your audience can easily create and upload quality photos using their mobile gadgets.

The following tips will guide you on how to create a video voting contest with the EasyPromos platform.

#1. Establish the Reason

Even before making the initial preparations, it is important for you to know the reasons why you should organize for the video contest. A video contest can be used by the company in two different ways;

  • To create awareness of the product being introduced in the market
  • For advertisement purposes

Once you find out what your reasons are, you can easily come up with effective strategies to make the video contest successful.

#2. Make Clear Rules and Expectations

From the start, you would actually want to be clear on the deadline date and eligible participants. You also need to include some video requirements. Among the questions that you may need to address are;

  • How long should the videos take?
  • Can the video be exclusively uploaded to the contest or are there any other ways of submitting them?
  • What is the maximum number of videos to be submitted?
  • Who can enter?
  • What is the size limit of each video?

#3. Have a Prize

In every contest, the prize has to act as a motivating factor. Having amazing prizes for the winners will ensure that the video contest becomes successful in the long run. Among the prizes you should consider are music equipment, getaways, cash, and trips.

#4. Moderate the Participants’ Submissions

Before posting any contents received online, you should first make sure that they are approved. There actually might be a number of videos that have offensive or irrelevant contents and you wouldn’t want them to appear on your business websites. This will also enable the video contest run smoothly.

#5. Select Your Partners Effectively

Many companies can decide to start a YouTube channel where the video submissions can be received. Although this is also a good strategy, the most convenient way would be to have the contest website where the submissions can be posted. The companies that you also choose to partner with should have some past experience in organizing video contests for them to make the major contribution.

 #6. Build a Brand

The video contest can have chances of staying for several years. If you want to include them as part of annual events, you can come up with a logo, promote the video and make it memorable

#7. Promote the Video Contest

Just like any other contest, you can advertise them through social media platforms and email. But the most convenient way of promoting the video contest should be with the aid of a video. This is among the most creative and engaging ways. It can also guide the audience to what they have to do

#8. Check with the Legal Team

You won’t want to have troubles with anyone involved when creating the video contest. It is therefore important that you make the prior appointment with your attorney. If the video contest includes minors and other young high school participants, getting approval from the involved authorities is highly recommended.

#9. Use them as Future Content

Your video contest should not come to an end after the voting is complete. The process of announcing the winner should be live and you can also share it on various social media platforms. The contest can also be posted on various social media platforms.

#10. Make it an Event

If you the video contest focuses on talents, you can use live events to come up with the most qualifies participants. This will help you get quick submissions. It is also a perfect way to advertise the video contest.

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