10 Tips to Help You Succeed as A Blogger

Almost everyone starts a blog with the hope of succeeding in his/her niche. Only a few, however, get to reach their target audience effectively. This leaves many wondering what they could have done, or can do to succeed as bloggers. If you have been creating quality and informative content, and publishing regularly but still don’t get enough traffic, you’ll then want to know what successful bloggers do. Outlined below are ten tips and tricks on how to have a successful blog.

#1. Be Yourself

The key to succeeding as a blogger lies with creating unique content.  This means writing in a style unique to you and being yourself in everything. Don’t try to copy another person’s style with the hope of getting the numbers. Being yourself means the target audience will have something/someone to relate to, and even know what to expect.

#2. Commitment and Discipline

Some people blog for fun. This means they don’t have any particular commitment to their blogs. Professional bloggers, on the contrary, have to work hard to keep their blogs afloat. This means they have to be disciplined and committed.  A professional blogger will have set days when he/she will focus on coming up with fresh content, create the content, then proof it before it can be published. Like any other profession, there are fast and slow days. There are days when creating fresh content will be a struggle, and with your audience waiting for the next post, you cannot afford to fail them. This is when your commitment and discipline is put to the test.

Experts recommend creating content when your mind is fresh, preferably those ‘good’ writing days. Writing several of these posts during such days, then edit and publish them during the ‘slow’ days.

#3. Only The Best Pieces Should Be Published

Creating fresh content is one thing; publishing the best in another. That said, it is advisable to spend a considerable amount of the pieces editing and polishing up to ensure they are perfect for the audience. While the content needs to be informative and captivating for the target audience, a little more effort is required to ensure it is up to the par. Experts recommend putting your mind into it and taking the necessary time to ensure the piece is perfect for publishing.

#4. Make Use of Images

Images help boost the blog’s appeal and uniqueness.  Blog posts with imagery included are not only easier to read, but also attract a person’s attention much better. The images help break continuous text which can be monotonous for most people.  Be sure to use non-copyrighted images on your blogs as well. If downloading such from the internet, then be sure to check the license first. You can even shoot pictures to use on the blog post – this is considerably much safer.

#5. Be Ready To Learn From Expert Bloggers

Identify bloggers you look up to and start learning from them. Check to see how often they post, What content they publish, and how they interact with their followers and other people. Get to learn other things that they do besides blogging. The idea is to learn their trends to pick a tip or two, but not to copy what they do or publish.

#6. Monetize the Blog

Many people take too long before they can monetize their blog. There’s however no reason not to monetize the blog once it is up and running. You’ll, however, need to install Google AdSense to your account to be able to generate some money from the blog. While the blog might not generate ‘serious’ money in its initial stages, seeing small amounts of money streaking to your account can be a motivator. You could also monetize the blog by offering consulting services or even add links to affiliate products or even promote your products.

#7. Take Advantage Of Internal Linking

Include links to previous posts or posts that relate to the current piece. This not only enables readers to find such posts easily but also works in your favor with search engines. Creating links to other posts also helps target audience spend more time on your blog reading more than what they came for initially. It would be best if you however only linked to relevant posts – be sure to avoid overdoing it.

#8. Comment On, and Follow Other Blogs In Your Niche

Blogging is a social thing that enables/requires one to appreciate other people’s work as well.  Following and commenting on other blogs an excellent way to drive traffic to your blog, hence recommended for all bloggers. Be sure to follow blogs within your niche as well, and only leave valuable and positive comments on the same.  You can even leave a backlink to your blog on the comments section as well.

Commenting on other blogs helps attract more traffic to your blog. In addition to this, it gives you an opportunity to interact with like-minded professionals. Most of the other bloggers will even reach out and leave a comment on your blog in return. This goes a long way in creating life-long friends and relationships.

#9. Promote the Blog

Although you might have created a masterpiece for your audience, very few will actually get to see it. This is unless you promote the blog extensively. Its only by promoting the blog that target audiences and other people can find your blog or even become followers. That said, you need to take advantage of all promotional channels you can use to reach out to the target audiences. This can be via social media, email, or join blogging communities among others. Make it possible for the readers to share the blog with other people, and particularly on social media.

#10. Consider Guest Blogging

There are times when you will come across insightful and interesting blogs. When you do, check to see if they do accept guest posts. Guest blogging gives you an opportunity to market your talent and blog on their blog, thus increasing your audience base. It also creates a path to building a name and reputation in the blogging world.

Encourage other bloggers to create guest posts on your blog as well. As mentioned earlier on, blogging is a social career that will help you meet plenty of other amazing bloggers. Making it possible for other bloggers to feature on your blogs would be a noble idea.

John Morris
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