10 Tricks to Make Your Essay Look Longer

Many students find themselves in situations where they have limited time to finish an essay paper and still produce high quality. Tricks such as increasing the font size, manipulating essay spacing and adding a long header help you lengthen your essay. But this should be done whilst following the professors’ guidelines and writing styles instructions.

Although manipulating the writing styles can make your essay appear long, there are smarter ways that can make your paper look longer while retaining top-notch quality. Meeting the minimum word count does not have to be stressing. One can add length to the essay while improving content and depth.

Here are 10 tricks to make your essay look longer and brilliant:

#1. Look back at the instructions

If your lecturer has provided an exhaustive set of instructions for the essay, read them keenly. As you go through the instructions, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I tackled all the set questions?
  • Have I provided enough supporting evidence to my essay research?
  • Have I met all the requirements for the essay paper?
  • Have I left out any concrete information that may increase your word count?

Consider the above queries, go back to your essay and revise thoroughly.

#2. Revise the introduction and conclusion

Ideas keep cropping up in your head as you write your essay. If the first sentence does not look as appealing as the introduction, go back and change it. With the acquired information that you have gathered throughout your essay research, you may notice that you left out important details which may help your professor understand the essay better. The conclusion of your paper should outline the main points of the essay and provide possible solutions for the reader to consider. If your conclusion is not up to standard, go back and revise it.

#3. Hire an Editor

Even if you are running out of time, always squeeze in a few minutes for a friend, colleague, and sibling to go through your essay. A second party may aid in not only proofreading but also noting down vague sentences that they cannot understand. After noting down the unclear sections, revise them while adding more useful material that enhances readability. It’s easier for you to understand what you write than a second or third party. Additionally, online essay writing services can be helpful in writing and editing your essays. By having someone go through your paper before handing it in, you increase your chances of ironing out the mistakes that you might have done. Alternatively, you can use a reputable writing tool to identify some of the errors that you might have committed in order to correct them.

#4. Add Quotations

You have probably involved quite a number of quotations in your essay. Quotations add depth to an essay while building up the word count. But don’t use quotes for the sake of it. If your word count is not building up, go through your research materials and add more valuable information that you may have missed. On the other hand, you can go through other research books and get material that will enrich your essays. Ensure that you do not put quotes that are too long but you can lengthen the explanation to bring out clarity.

#5. Scrutinize your outline

An essay outline is a plan that guides you on what subtopics to tackle. Go through your essay outline to find out if you have hit all the intended subtopics. With the thorough research that you have already carried out, chances are that you may add more subtopics to increase the page count.

#6. Incorporate transition words

Editors often use transition words to link sentences. Transition phrases such as ‘additionally’, ‘on the other hand’, and ‘therefore’ not only aids in adding the word count but joins sentences to make them flow sleekly. Your essay will be easier to read and also increase page count.

#7. Read the essay out loud

When you read your essay to yourself, grammatical errors and readability of sentences maybe overlooked. But when you read it out loud to an audience, this will not only help in noticing grammatical errors but also the clarity. If your paragraphs don’t make sense, revise and rephrase them. Add satisfactory details within your subtopics therefore making your essay longer.

#8. Take a break

Staring at your laptop for hours may make your brain be overworked. Take a break, a snack, a short walk or even a nap. When you come back to writing the essay, the brain will have more ideas and enthusiasm to work on the paper. Short breaks are ideal when working on long essays.

#9. Ask for assistance

Professors, lectures, colleagues are always willing to give a hand in revising essays before students make the final submission. Make a call to a professor within working hours to book an appointment. Going through the essay with the help of someone who has been in the industry for a while helps in presenting an error free essay. Alternatively, online essay writing services help you in achieving your target page count and make your essay appear longer.

#10. Use several research materials

When researching for an essay, it is advisable to use all the available materials at hand. Different research elements aid in providing additional evidence to back up your arguments. Whether you are doing your research online or at the library, diverse research materials will support your arguments effectively and achieve your word count at the same time.

Bonus trick

When word count is not working for you, try replacing the full stops in your essay to a bigger size than the normal one. The paper will appear as if it has more words than the actual word count.

Achieving the minimum page count can be a challenge especially if the essay is not your specialty. The above tricks will help you provide the professor or teacher with credible information and at the same time make your essay longer. If the above tricks do not work, always ask for help from Custom Writing service who have vast knowledge in your kind of essays. Students who wait for last minute to finish their assignments may resort to increasing the space and font size which may not necessarily help in lengthening your essay with useful content.

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