The 2017 iPhone: The Most Radical of Them All

Many people have passed on the iPhone 7 since they want to wait for the iPhone 8 and it seems like they made the right decision. According to the rumor mill, the next iPhone will be sporting a different design from its predecessors. In this article, we’ll be listing the rumors and analyzing if such can become a reality for all the eager iPhone lovers out there.

Good Bye Physical Home Button

Yes, there have been many rumors that the iPhone 8 will do away with the physical Home button. The phone is said to have a huger display screen with a virtual button at the bottom. According to sources, Apple will be introducing a redesigned Dock similar to that of the iOS 11 iPad. Below the Dock, a “thin software bar” will be available and which users can drag to the middle of the screen in order to unlock it. A multitasking carousel can also be launched while using the phone. A flick upwards can close the application and will return the home screen.

Sources suggesting the virtual home button have been excellent in providing leaks for the older iPhone’s so this rumor might be a reality. The removal of the physical home button can also make the touch features of the iOS more smart and sensible.

The Big Reveal on September 12

Reports have said that Apple will hold an invite at its Apple Park campus in California on the 12th of September exclusively for the media and some special guests. The event will be the big revelation of three, yes – three, new iPhone’s: two iPhone 7 models and a model “to mark the product’s 10th anniversary.” Sounds exciting!

The timing of the event is just how Apple did it in the past. Older iPhone’s have been released either on the second or third week of September as well. What will happen is Apple can take the order at the end of that week and the new iPhone will be shipped to customers by the end of this month.

No Rose Gold This Time

It has been mentioned above that there will be three new iPhone models coming out this September: a 4.7-inch iPhone 7s, a 5.5-inch iPhone 7s Plus, and a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone 8. This is great news to different types of users since each can have their own size screen. No word yet on how durable these new screens will be. If they are as durable as the previous models you may want to invest in a good case. The glass on previous models were prone to crack easily and required an iPhone repair service either with insurance or at a local shop.

For those who fancy the rose gold series of older iPhone’s, they might have to choose between the three basic colors of iPhone: black, silver, and gold. Rose gold is now considered as a signature Apple color so this rumor might have a slight chance of being false. After all, the anniversary iPhone will be a lackluster without a new color aside from the three basic ones. However, there are also rumors that Apple wants to release the new iPhone’s as soon as possible and this can also mean that to do so, they may limit the color options.

The iPhone 8 Will Be Able to Recognized You

Because the physical Home button is said to be done away with, what will happen to the Touch ID? There has been no reports of an under the screen Touch ID anywhere. Well, the new security feature of the iPhone 8 will be a facial recognition technology. Apple is reported to dump the fingerprint support in favor of the facial recognition one. This technology will be supported by an improved front camera with 3D sensing.

Facial recognition is not as convenient as the fingerprint sensor but it gives the iPhone and its users a better security. There are mixed feelings when it comes to this rumor just like when Apple killed the headphone jack. But the amount of rumors about a facial recognition technology is too many to ignore.

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