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While the GRE brings about a lot of much needed positive change in people’s lives, such as graduate programs that can open doors of possibility all over the world and meeting a new cadre of peers that push you to be better all-around individuals. However, a disadvantage of GRE and especially GRE preparation can certainly be the cost. Statistically speaking, the cost of the test is $160-$190, depending on where you’re located in the world, and that doesn’t include preparation courses, books/study materials, computer programs, study apps, and private coaching. The list can go on and on! Sound familiar?

Thankfully, there are three incredible free GRE resources that can supplement some of your GRE studies. These offer additional practice exercises, diagnostic mock exams, and overall insight into the exam that can prove to be invaluable along your GRE journey. And did we mention that these resources were free? If “the best things in life are free,” these resources belong in that category, as they are top-notch sites and organizations that help thousands of GRE learners every year.

Have your notebook handy so you can write these down, as you will want to remember them as you continue your course of study. Let’s take a look at these three incredible free GRE resources to further enhance an already rigorous study routine.

GRE-tutor.com: GRE-tutor.com is a great source for GRE prep information, offering a variety of practice exercises. With a summary of all GRE sections, details on how to register for the GRE, GRE frequently asked questions, as well as general GRE preparation suggestions, you’re not at a lack of information on this easy-to-navigate online GRE hub. Furthermore, this site provides various places that offer GRE tutors, GRE classes—even MBA consultants. GRE-tutor.com promotes a lot of the practice materials published by ETS, the marker of the exam. This is not a website to overlook, but one to incorporate early on in your GRE course of study!

Khan Academy: Khan Academy has a mission of providing free preparation for the Quantitative Reasoning section on the GRE through its website. While it doesn’t have an official “GRE section,” what Khan does offer are informative videos breaking down complicated math equations to help you on the quantitative portion of the exam. The videos are organized by topic, spanning integers and fractions—even data interpretation examples and probability distributions! Khan must really be doing something right, as they are featured on ETS’ website—the maker of the GRE—as a viable and proficient GRE quant resource. Fortunately, videos are always a better illustration of mathematical equations, so this is sure to be a highlight in your quant prep as test day draws near.

Manhattan Review Free GRE Practice Questions: Luckily, Manhattan Review provides quality top tier practice exercises, in addition to a free diagnostic mock exam. If you’re looking for outside practice and are seeking accuracy on the advanced skills level,   Manhattan Review is definitely for you. With a long history of providing test prep to students in all corners of the world, the free resources through this test prep company are truly a notch above what other test prep firms offer. Their practice questions are in three different categories: Medium, Challenging, and Hard—facilitating you to assess your test-taking ability by level. Furthermore, their mock exam is identical to what you will encounter on test day in terms of style and structure, mimicking a real-life “test-like experience” that is to be a real hallmark of your course of study. With all of the other options available to you, this one is perhaps the most valuable, as Manhattan Review is the cream of the crop when it comes to GRE prep and mock exams.

Clearly, from all of these different options, you can see there’s no lack of valuable material when it comes to free GRE resources online. It’s never a bad idea to pepper your course of study with incredible free resource materials such as these. After all, these provide alternative methods and approaches to particular question types you may be struggling with. Alternatively, you can find new insight on aspects of the exam you thought you had a real handle on. Supplemental materials like these offer real variety, which is naturally much needed when it comes to an exam like the GRE.

Even though these three incredible free resources are highly useful, any GRE leaner and instructor will agree there’s nothing that can really compare to the inherent value of a GRE course. Manhattan Review offers a wide spectrum of courses, both in-person and online, whether you’re seeking a classroom-type of the environment or one-on-one coaching. With prospective students leading busy lives, their offerings are flexible, reliable, and very versatile, meeting your needs and schedule when it comes to your GRE preparation journey. Along the way, continue to use free resources like these, as there’s no such thing as too much GRE practice from such great resources!

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