3 Most Important Tips for Being the Perfect Bridesmaid

Brides have a lot to do when it comes to their wedding day preparations. One of the reasons they have bridesmaids in their lineup is to have someone to share the burden. The perfect bridesmaid knows that hers is not just to shine on the big day.

She needs to be a helpful resource for the bride. This involves putting a lot of work behind the scenes to put the details of the big day together. Here are some ideas you could use to ensure you’re the best bridesmaid.

#1. Help with The Planning

Sometimes, much of the planning work is left to the bride and her maid of honor. However, as a bridesmaid, don’t feel intimidated to offer a helping hand. Show interest by helping the bride gather inspirational ideas for her wedding.

For example, you could tag her on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest when you see something she might like. Offer to accompany her to wedding fairs and related events. By doing so, you’ll make the bride feel comfortable as you build hype around the upcoming wedding.

If it’s possible, visit the wedding venue and try to establish a relationship with the staff. This is to make things easy for the bride on the big day. In case there’s something to be taken care of on a material day, help will readily be available.

While offering help, don’t try to impose your ideas on the bride. The best you can do is to give your suggestions and offer a listening ear. As the big day draws near, tension is high, and the bride might feel nervous.

This is the time to reassure her that everything will turn out alright. On the wedding day, help the bride get dressed. Keep an eye on the time and assist the bride in being at the venue on time.

#2. Prepare a Great Speech

When it comes to giving a speech, you don’t want to want to lose your lines. On the other hand, you don’t want to spend the whole speech time looking at your notes. What should you do?

Once you’ve compiled your speech, practice over and again. Once you have the key points of the speech in mind, you’ll avoid having your eyes on a piece of paper all through.

Some tips for preparing an excellent speech include having a solid introduction. Let the audience know who you are, your relationship to the bride, and if possible, crack a joke. The best part of the speech should be an anecdotal story about the couple.

Ensure it’s nothing embarrassing or something they wouldn’t appreciate being shared with the public. Give your best wishes and raise a toast to the happy couple.

#3. Look Your Best

After all the planning, it would be a shame to look less than your best on the big day. Weddings don’t happen every day, and it’s only a fair that you pull out the best look. This is not just for you.

Work with the rest of the bridal team to ensure the bride and all of you are looking glamorous.  Check with Azazie wedding dress store for some amazing outfits.

Do spot checks before leaving for the venue, before the ceremony starts and also before the photos are taken. You don’t want something as small as lipstick on the wrong places ruining your look.

Take Away

As a bridesmaid, don’t just sit back and wait for the big day.  Remember the bride is going through a lot of anxiety and tension in preparing the wedding. There’s a lot you can do to ease her workload.

Show interest in the preparation by suggesting ideas she can incorporate. Offer to meet up with service providers on behalf of the bride. Work with the rest of the team to choose décor or the party’s outfit.

Write down a speech the couple will live to remember. Just make sure not to reveal any embarrassing details that could scathe your relationship.

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