3 Reasons Why Using the Right Video Format is Important

If you record or edit a video, you are likely to have a choice of formats that you can save and export it in. On the surface there may not seem to be much of a difference between the options available, but the format that you choose can have a big impact on your video.

From a practical standpoint there are several reasons why choosing the right video format is important and can make a world of difference:

#1. Optimize the file size of the video

The video codec is part of the video format, and it is what determines how your video’s data is compressed. That will ultimately affect the file size of the video.

Some video codecs are able to compress videos more efficiently than others. For example the H.265 codec can compress videos more efficiently than its predecessor the H.264 codec, and can reduce the file size of H.264 videos by about half.

With the ‘right’ video format you can make sure the file size is optimized and as small as possible so that you don’t unnecessarily waste storage space.

#2. Ensure the video can be viewed without errors

Once a video is compressed it needs to be decompressed (i.e. decoded) before it can be viewed. But if the video format is not supported by the device or software that you’re using either the video won’t play or an error will pop up.

While there are ways to install codecs or special media players that can decode various formats, it is generally a lot of hassle. Instead if you use a video format that is supported in the first place, you can ensure that it will be able to be viewed without errors.

#3. Avoid having to transcode the video later on

If you use the right video format from the get-go you won’t need to transcode (i.e. convert the video codec) later on. That can help to prevent the video quality from deteriorating.

Without getting too technical every time a video is transcoded to a new codec with lossy compression, some data is lost in the process. Eventually that will start to affect the video quality, which is why it is best to avoid transcoding unless absolutely necessary.

That said it does not hurt to convert the video format once or twice when it is necessary. That can be done using Online Video Converter which will let you convert AVCHD to MP4 online, or to other formats. Because it is web-based you won’t need to install any software, and can quickly upload any video and convert it.

Make no mistake there are other reasons why using the right video format is important, but these are the most common.

As you can see the video format does play an important role overall, and its impact will be felt on multiple fronts. If you make it a point to determine the best video format to use when you save or export a video, you’ll face fewer issues in the long run.

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