Broken Scales or the Wrong Regime? Professional Personal Trainer in NYC Reveals the Top 3 Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight!

Your weight loss journey starts when you realize how your unhealthy habits are affecting your lifestyle. You decide that was the day you will turn your life around, and since then, you have made it a point to abide by all the rules.

Letting go of unhealthy habits can be one of the hardest things you have to do. You could have taken up the best exercises for beginners but for some reason, they failed to work their magic on you.

So, what’s the alternative? You go on a diet. You start to count your calories, practice clean eating and also work out daily. The results have got to start showing now, right? Unfortunately, your body seems to be stubbornly holding on to the weight and none of  the exercises and diets seem to be working in your favor.

When this happens, it’s time to take a closer look at the root of the cause. You need to figure out why you are not losing weight despite all your efforts. So let’s get started!

·        Lack of Sleep

Your irregular sleep patterns are likely to have an impact on your weight loss efforts. In fact, this can be the reason behind your weight gain, as proven by this 2006 study. The less sleep you get, the more fat and carbs your body will crave.

A study found that women who sleep no more than 4 hours a night tend to eat 300 more calories the next day. If you want to break this cycle, make sure you get proper sleep every night. Get help from a professional personal trainer in NYC to devise a sleeping schedule that works for you.

·        High Level of Stress

It’s a busy life, and with people multi-tasking all the time, it’s no surprise that health problems are on the rise again. The stress hormone known as cortisol increases and causes a significant surge in body fat. Your cravings for comfort food may increase, too.

Now add in lack of sleep into the mix and you can see that you’re setting yourself up for failure. Stress and high cravings for carbs will slowly undermine all the progress you are making. The solution here lies in handling your stress in a healthy manner. A great way to avoid stress is to engage in mindful meditation that’ll help you relax.

·        Frequent Cheat Days

If you have been good with your routine during the week, it’s natural for you to want to kick back your feet and relax over the weekend. It can also be great to indulge in all the food you want over the weekend. There’s no harm in a cheat day – even the biggest fitness professionals do this.

The problem is that your frequent cheat days can render all your efforts useless. This cycle can start to hurt your weight loss goals, so make sure that you don’t go overboard with your cheat days. Practice a little restraint and you’re going to feel less guilty about these days.

Personal trainers New York say that as long as these 3 habits are a part of your routine, you might be sabotaging your weight loss journey. Get help from the professionals and make your fitness dreams a reality!

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