3 Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Rider to Rider Intercom

There are some motorcycle riders who value their ride time and like being alone. There’s nothing like the feeling of being carefree while riding down a long, highway, with nothing but your thoughts to accompany you.

But any veteran rider would tell you that it is also fun to ride with your friends. It’s not just getting to a destination together, but because of technology, you can also have a real-time conversation with them while you are all on your motorcycles.

With a motorcycle intercom, you can have clear conversations with your passenger or even other riders in your group. The question is what should you choose, as there is so many riders to rider intercom out in the market today. Most would recommend the Bluetooth headsets as they are very convenient and has many features. You can communicate wirelessly, and you can even connect to your cellphones and some have GPS capabilities.

You can check out this review of the top earbuds on the market right now over at https://topprobe.com/best-motorcycle-earbuds/.  Just make sure that you read the list below on what factors you should consider before buying what you think is best for your needs.

  1. Noise-cancelling feature – one of the most important features you should look for is the noise-cancelling feature. It may not be a problem when you are just riding in the city and you are not really going very fast. But when it becomes windy, or you are on the highway and you are driving really fast, if your headset has no noise reduction capabilities, you will have a hard time communicating with the other people. So, if you like to drive fast, this is an important feature to consider.
  2. Long talk time – another factor that should be considered is the talk time and standby time. This feature is important especially if you are anticipating going on a long road trip with your rider friends. If it is a trip that will take at least 6-7 hours, then make sure that whatever headset you will buy will be able to have a long talk time. There are those that can have as long as 13 hours of talk time and even seven days of standby time. This way, you will not be worried about whether you need to have it charged while on a long trip because you know that it can stand long hours.
  3. Weatherproof – find a rider to rider intercom that can withstand the different types of weather that you may encounter as a rider. Number one, of course, is rain. Make sure that it is waterproof and not just water resistant. There are some riders who just put them in waterproof pouches and they’re good to go. While you can certainly do that, you may not remember to bring that pouch with you all the time, so the smarter choice would be to actually look for a Bluetooth headset that can withstand rain.


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