4 Bat and Ball Sports You Need to Try in 2018

If you are looking to try out a new sport this year, it could be worth trying out a bat and ball sport. Here are just four of the most popular bat and ball sports that you should be checking out this year.

#1. Cricket

One of the most popular bat and ball sports you should try out is cricket. The sport is physically active and consists of pitching and hitting the ball with a long and flat bat, and sprinting from wicket to wicket whilst throwing and catching the ball. To succeed in the game, you will need to have fast and strong legs which will help you score runs. Having upper body strength will improve your hitting and throwing and you’ll also see an improvement in your flexibility and hand-eye coordination. Playing cricket can help you make new friends and feel like part of a team.

#2. Pickleball

Another sport you should be trying out is pickleball. To play pickleball, you will need paddles, a court, a net and a lightweight ball. The game is quite like tennis and badminton with games being played as singles or doubles. However, because the court is smaller in size as opposed to a tennis court, pickleball can be played in a less strenuous way. The game can be played by any age and is a fantastic way of getting outside and trying something new. Websites like bestpickleballpaddlereviews.com can give you more information on the game and what you will need to play.

#3. Softball

To start a game of softball, all players need to hear the play ball from the umpire. When the batsman is ready, and each player is in fair territory, the pitcher will then throw the ball. There are several types of ways to play softball and depending on your level of skill, you may be more interested in a fast-pitch game which consists of the pitcher throwing the ball in a windmill motion style. This is done to increase the speed of the ball. There are a range of health benefits that come with playing softball too.

#4. Baseball

Regarded as one of the most iconic and loved sports in America, learning how to play baseball could lead to you improving your fitness and making friends at the same time. To play a game of baseball, you will need to have 9 players to field a team and defend. The whole idea of baseball is to hit the ball thrown at you as hard as and far as possible and then run around 4 bases, which will mean you have completed a run. Scoring more runs than your opponent is the main objective of baseball.

Trying out a bat and ball sport can be a fantastic way to keep in shape as well as meet new people. Make sure to give each sport a go so you can make up your mind on which sport is right for you. Finding a sport, you love can provide a variety of benefits and can help improve your physical and mental health.

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