4 Best Desert to Visit

Sedona, Arizona

In the north of Phoenix a great red sandstones desert is found, named Sedona Desert. This desert is surrounded by the pine forest. This forest increases the beauty of this place like heaven. The tourist of this place not only enjoys hiking but also they enjoy camping, horse riding and natural peace. This desert may have hot in summer but the travelers and tourist not stop their visit because they know that for gaining something, something needs to loss so they visit this place for learning many things and making enjoyment.

Big Bend National Park, Texas

Big Bend is a desert which has not only desert but this also includes a wide range of mountains and forest. Numberless people every year come here to enjoy the many things at the same place. They tour the desert and experience the hotness of the nature, when the tired with hot day they start their enjoy of forest resting and camping. As this desert has a wide range of mountains, so these mountains provide a challenge to the tourist to test their health and fitness. When the tourist start hiking of these mountains they comes to know about their stamina. In the night people enjoy bonfire and makes great memories.

Joshua Tree National Park

If you are looking for an outdoor escape this fall, then head to Joshua Tri-National Park, a desert park two hours away from Los Angeles. This national park is a popular destination during the spring and summer, so you’ll find fewer people and open campsites in the fall months. Hiking, biking and rock climbing will enjoy the mild temperatures at this time of year. However, the nights can be cold, so if you plan to visit this desert place this fall, make sure to layer.

Moab, Utah

Fall in Moab is a tourist season. However, this should not prevent you from visiting the Utah desert. Outdoor entertainment dominates the scene here. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy driving, hiking, rafting, camping or mountain biking with 4 wheels, Moab attracts all nature lovers. Moab has become a popular tourist destination due to its proximity to the Kenya Lands National Park and Arches National Park. The small town of Moab is also an interesting place to live, with an area in the middle of the city full of interesting shops and eateries. If you want to know about more such places and secrets about tour just visit: www.touristsecrets.com

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