4 Facts About People Struggling With Addiction

If you have been under the grasp of addiction and substance abuse for a long time, then there are chances that you are facing a lot of hardships in life. Usually, substance abuse is induced due to a number of factors. It could be a recreational attempt, which has grown extensive or it could be owing to an external factor including traumatic relationships, childhood and much more.

In any case, people struggling with addiction find it extremely hard to get on with life. In simpler words, it becomes a daunting task to come at terms with everyday life. As a result, your personal life, office relations, work and personal space starts to get affected. Here is a compilation of 4 things that you probably did not know about people that are struggling with addiction.

Facts that you wish you knew

It affects the brain

Addiction has major effects on the brain. It is so intense that addiction can essentially rewire the condition of the brain and induce a false state of existence. There are thousands of substances used by people all over the world as a form of addiction. Each one of them affects the brain in many ways.

While some of the effects tend to be mild, many of them can be devastating. Our brain is used to a certain state of existence. However, when the euphoric feeling of drug induction becomes common to the circuitry of the brain, the scenario tends to evolve into a natural environment. Essentially it is this state where the body wants to experience the euphoria 24/7 and this is how addiction grows intense, extremely intense!

Relapses are common

If you are going through a phase of recovery and certainly come across a relapse, there isn’t anything to worry or panic about. Getting off any form of severe addiction is a mental battle, one that needs to be fought with a lot of patience and willpower. Often people have to deal with multiple relapses which can be triggered in special situations.

During this phase, you need to understand the reason behind the triggering and face it better next time. Relapses are a part of the learning curve. Several rehabs in Florida report patients that have faced many relapses and still made it out of the addiction.

Seek Medical help

Several drugs enter the bloodline of the body and thus incubate an environment where the body requires the drug to function properly. Stopping suddenly can have negative effects on the body and make it go into a state of shock.

It is always important to seek medical advice before you plan on leaving your addiction or quitting on it, especially if it is a severe one like cocaine or stuff.

It takes time

The entire process of leaving an addiction for good takes a lot of time. It does depend on the intensity of the addiction and the behavioral changes that have been induced. In extreme cases, the recovery period can stretch from anywhere between two to five years as well. In any case, giving up is certainly not an option.

If you are about to enter a phase of leaving a certain addiction, then consult with the doctor and ask your friends and family to stay by you. Support from your loved ones can make a lot of difference.

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