4 Interesting Blogging Facts Every Beginner Must Know

For the past two decades or so, blogging has grown to be one of the most popular activities. Different people across the globe are using the power of the internet to share their experiences, knowledge and fun facts about life. Yet again, many people are beginner have used blogging to gain traction and create a steady stream of traffic. For some bloggers, readers just can’t wait to have a look at their next post.

While many people read at least one blog post daily, only a handful of people know the fun facts about blogging, the beginner is not into it. You probably have an idea that Justin Hall was the first person to start blogging in 1994. That’s not all, however. There is more to it than just. For someone who is just starting out as a blogger, the following interesting facts about blogging will come handy.

1- What is the Number of Blogs in the World?

In 1999, there were only 23 blogs. Nearly two decades later, the number is 1.5 billion and still growing, the new beginner is keeping joining. In the USA alone, there are more than 30 million bloggers. If you are just rolling up your sleeves, ready to dive into the blogging scene, this essential fact reminds you of the need to be unique. Billions of people are already into it. Your blog will only stand out if you choose to be different.

2- English is the Most Popular Blogging Language

Look at the internet. From French, Spanish, Hindi to English, you will find several blog posts in varied languages. Of all the blog posts present over the internet, 60% are in English. That should tell you something. If you have plans of going into blogging, your preferred choice of language should be English because it has several readers.

WordPress Leads the Pack of Most Popular Blogging Platforms

Which blogging platform will you choose if you were to start blogging today? I will bet on WordPress. More than 40% of current bloggers will too. WordPress provides a convenient interface for blogging. Next on the line is Blogger.com with 35% of bloggers. If you are soon entering the blogging field, settling on a reliable blogging platform such as WordPress will enable you to achieve your goals more easily.

Less than 27% of the Blogging Population do it Full Time

What is your main reason behind starting a blog? If you just want to share ideas and create a circle of an active audience, it is easier. For someone who is out to make blogging his full-time job, you’ll need to do a lot more than you think. In fact, more than 80% of bloggers never make $100 from their blogs. The professional bloggers who earn money from blogging have an average of four blogs each. For beginners, this should not scare you.

Blogging is an interesting field. There is so much to explore. For someone who is preparing to launch his/her blogging venture, these fun facts will get you rolling. Whether you are creating a blog for your brand or a personal one to share daily experiences, having these facts in mind will give you an upper hand.

Bill Williams
Bill Williams
Bill Williams works as a Freelancer.


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