4 Myths About Business Process Outsourcing

There are a few myths surrounding business process outsourcing that are hindering the benefits that both parties experience when a business chooses to outsource their talent! A core business will extend their workforce to benefit from lower costs and high-quality output. Business process outsourcing is driven by global growth and skill advantage. Maximising profits and saving on resources is never a bad thing for any company, so debunking the biggest myths surrounding business process outsourcing is essential:

#1. You lose control of your company:

When a company is outsourced, they are selected to perform specific tasks for an employer. If a business chooses to outsource their talent for accounting services and debt collection, the workforce that has been selected will only be taking care of those exact components. Business process outsourcing in fact, enables an employer to have greater involvement in their own business. Whilst the tasks that have been outsourced are well taken care of in a time effective and costly manner, in-house talent can be nurtured and enhanced, streamlining the workplace as a whole.

#2. You cannot rely on the workforce:

Hiring workers remotely or from all corners of the world is not a new phenomenon. This process has been developing for many years, and the benefits for both the employees and the employer are highly advantageous. Some employers might feel at risk with a workforce that is highly independent and autonomous however, the skills and motivation that it takes to produce quality results will be maintained regardless of the project. These workers are trained in completing projects with high efficiency, systematically working towards your shared goal.

#3. You are putting your data at risk:

This is an understandable fear however; business process outsourcing utilises security programs along with compliance requirements that are extremely regimented. The care and attention devoted to keeping sensitive data safe is usually above and beyond the precautions that are taken in an in-house operation.

#4. You are taking local jobs away:

This is a conscious and important factor to consider but the fact is that outsourcing allows for high-quality output to be produced at a much lower cost. Consequently, the cost for both businesses and the final consumer is less. With lower prices for goods and services, the population is able to truly benefit from business process outsourcing. Outsourced talent also enables an in-house business to understand its staffs’ talents and can encourage a promote-from-within mindset.

Now that the four biggest myths surrounding business process outsourcing have been eradicated, it’s time to transform your business. Connect with 121 Outsourcing Services to discover all the benefits of outsourcing.

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