4 Steps to Prepare Your Storage Unit for Frequent Access

Imagine watching the weather channel to find out that some freezing weather is heading your way and ALL of your winter items are in storage. Uh-Oh! You may instantly panic wondering how you will ever find the items you need to keep yourself and your family warm.

As you enter into your storage unit, you start to look around and you look through a couple of boxes and then one of the boxes falls over and another one drops behind some furniture. Before you know it, it looks like a tornado ripped through your storage unit.

Pulling everything out of your storage unit is NOT an option, so how can you prevent this from occurring again? It is quite simple; in the article below and online at StorageArea.com, we detail steps to help prevent this and we will show you how to prepare your storage unit for frequent access.

  1. Keep Your Box Sizes the Same

While you may want to variate the types and sizes of boxes you use, you should avoid this as it only wastes time and makes the process more difficult when it comes time to store your items. You should use even box sizes because this will allow you to stack and store your items without running the risk of the items falling down.

  1. Know What Items You Plan to Store

If you need to locate an item in your storage unit, it would be wise to know whether or not that item is in your storage unit. To make sure this happens, you should make a list of all of the items you plan to store. This way, no matter who needs to go into your unit, it can be quickly determined if the item is within the unit.

  1. Keep Items You May Need Near the Front of the Unit

If you need to store items, but you know that you will eventually need to access them, you should keep them near the front of the unit. The closer to the front of the unit you place the boxes, the easier it will be to access them and put them back.

Some of the items you may need to keep near the front of your storage unit include:

  • Toys
  • Tools or supplies for your business
  • Summer or winter clothing
  • Kitchen items or baking supplies
  • Important paperwork
  1. Label ALL of Your Boxes and Make an Inventory List

The easiest way to keep your storage unit organized is to label ALL of your boxes and create a master inventory list for each box. You can take the inventory list to the exterior of the box or to the interior box flap. When you need to locate an item, you will be able to quickly see if it is in the box and then remove it.

Frequent Access of Your Storage Unit is Easy with Organization

Accessing your storage unit is simple and easy, if you prepare your unit to be accessed. If you think that you may need to retrieve an item later on down the road, place it towards the front of your unit.

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