4 Sustainable Career Paths to Consider in 2019

Deciding on the career path that’s best for you, and which is sustainable in the long haul can be rather tricky. With the advancements in technology, one has to be sure that their chosen career is one that won’t be negatively affected, but rather enhanced by technological developments. Unfortunately, in this day and age, it is indeed a reality that one could lose their job to technologies such as AI, for example. So, before you dive headfirst into a career, consider what the future looks like for that industry. Make sure it’s moving with the times, it’s keeping abreast of advancements and is expanding healthily.

The smart thing to do, if you’re wondering which industry to enter into, is identify the world trends and ask yourself whether this trend is going to be carried forward into the future, or whether it’s a fad that may die out. For example, just some world trends include global warming, environmental affairs, cryptocurrency, and social media/online content. There are, of course, many more; and it’s your responsibility to research them and decipher whether you could make a successful career from these trends and modern industries. Identify whether or not your skills and interests are favourable for the sustainable options – and then decide whether this is the industry and path you’d like to walk.

We have listed just a few modern careers which we believe are sustainable and will grow from strength to strength in the future. Perhaps you’ll find your ideal career right here!

#1. Engineering

The engineering industry is one of the oldest and most stable industries in the world – and we will never be able to go without it. While the industry itself is broad, it makes for a great career option as there are many different branches you’d be able to explore if you acquire the foundational engineering skills and knowledge. As the world changes and various needs become apparent, the engineering industry is one of the first to respond. It’s a versatile, innovative industry, which makes it one that’s exciting and bursting with opportunity.  You can be certain that whichever sphere of engineering you enter into, it will be one that offers growth and peace of mind. If you want to know more about the industry or are looking for solid career prospects, we highly recommend you get in contact with an engineering recruitment agency.

#2. Solar Energy Technician

With the effects of global warming, the world is becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint and are implementing various protocols to slow down the negative impacts. One highly popular innovation which is being lapped up by private homeowners, to large businesses, is solar energy. This is why a career in solar energy is a great career to consider in 2019 – it will continue to play a huge role in the transition to a clean-energy future. Solar energy is also becoming a lot more affordable for the average person, which has boosted the industry tremendously, with solar energy technicians enjoying a stable employment that’s earning them a significant income.

#3. Life Coach

We are living in a fast-paced world – one filled with deadlines, traffic and an incredible amount of stress. This new way of life, which almost everyone has adopted, has caused many to experience anxiety, and in more serious cases, depression. While some may narrowly avoid the worrying effects of this pressurized lifestyle, there is a good chance they’re still experiencing some sort of negative repercussion. Some may feel insecure about their development, or their future; some may feel confused about their life’s path, and others may just need someone to vent to – yes, it can sometimes be as simple as that! Life-coaching is a fairly new industry, one that is often compared to psychology, however, it is significantly different. It was created alongside the needs of modern-day individuals who are faced with the enormous pressure to perform in a chaotic world, which has placed many an unrealistic expectation on them. A life coach is essentially a human lifeline for those who are seeking clarity, needing help to decipher their purpose both in life and in their careers, and who need help mapping out their next step. The life coaching industry is booming and will likely never disintegrate as the world is only becoming more needy of such professions.

#4. Copywriter

Since media and content has become the communication channel of the world, so the need for a strong copy has emerged. Today, companies are falling over their feet to get their hands-on talented copywriters who are able to craft and refine their message – whether it be copied for advertisements, blogs, social media pages or any other form of communication. It has become a highly sought-after role, which also offers great flexibility for those who’d prefer to freelance. One thing is for sure – it’s an industry that can never be replaced by robots!

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