4 Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing A Display Board

When choosing a display board for your business, you have to account for various factors like display location, ease of use, duration of usage etc. Only then can you zero in on a display that is ideal for your purpose and gives the best result. Below, we look at four such things you have to keep in mind when deciding on a display board.

Indoor or Outdoor

Where will your display be placed – inside or outside? Depending on the location, you may have to choose various board materials. For an outdoor option, you have to choose a board that is capable of withstanding the harsh environment, whether it is scorching sunlight or lashing rains. As such, you will need a strong material that is capable of preserving the colors.  If you are looking for indoor displays during trade shows, then you will need it to be attractive and eye catching to the max. In such conditions, foam core prints are an ideal choice since they have excellent color reproduction and have a high-quality matte finish.

Easy To Use

The display should be easy to use and install. This is especially true if you are doing a presentation or a trade show and need to move the display around a lot. If the display is too difficult to set up and move, you will be wasting precious time. To avoid this, choose display options like a foamcore, which can be put up quickly and is lightweight.

Usage Duration

How long do you plan to use the display? If you only need it for a short period of time, then you can prioritize on the economy over durability. But if the display will be used for a long period of time, you will require something that is strong, durable and uses non-fading ink. Under such conditions, the cost is secondary.

Two Way Advertisement

In some situations, you may need a display that is capable of showing your content both from the front and back. For example, in a trade show, you will have people walking all around the hall. They can be moving both at the front and back of your display. As such, it is ideal that you consider printing your content on both sides of the display to ensure that the maximum number of people see it.

Plus, remember to place your orders as early as possible with the printer. This will give them enough time to print your boards at the highest quality. If you delay the printing to a point where you will need the board printed in a day or a couple of days, you may still get it delivered, but chances are that it won’t be at a quality that you may want. So, ask the printer when the design needs to be submitted to ensure highest quality printing and make sure that you stick to the deadline. MinistryofAds can also help you find best solution for advertisement for your business.


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