4 Travel Essentials Commonly Forgotten When Planning a Trip

Few events can disrupt a vacation more than that one item you forgot to pack or that one task you forgot to do. Although 81 percent of Americans surveyed in a Cheap Flights study believe they’re good at packing, bad packing isn’t the only item that can put a kink in your trip or maybe turn it into a disaster.

Bringing the Right Clothes: Did You Pack Enough Underwear?

The same Cheap Flights survey reported that 45 percent of Americans pack one pair of underwear for every day, plus a spare. However, according to a survey by The Inn on Siesta Key, another 55 percent have, at times, left their underwear behind.

Men also tend to forget to bring a belt, while men and women both tend to forget swimwear. Leaving an item of clothing behind is not necessarily a disaster — unless your destination is a remote getaway — but you’ll waste vacation time on a side trip to a nearby, and probably expensive, shop.

Securing Your Home: Don’t Let the Burglars Know You’re Gone

A sure sign that no one is home is an overstuffed mailbox. A few days before you leave, ask your local post office to hold your mail until you return. Also be sure that you’re not expecting any packages while you’re away so they don’t stack up on your doorstep.

As for social media, in the days leading up to your vacation and while you are away, avoid sharing detailed information. Posting your intentions to travel and sharing great vacation photos are invitations to burglars.

Staying Healthy on the Road: Don’t Forget Your Medicine

If you have prescriptions to take or contacts lenses to clean, be sure to pack enough supplies. For minor issues such as a headache or a cut finger, a small first aid kit is a must.

Think about prevention, too. One study by the University of Victoria says that air travelers are 100 times more likely to catch a cold than people who haven’t traveled by air. Carry sanitary wipes, and wipe down everything before you touch it.

Planning for the Worst: Make Sure You Can Get Home in an Emergency

Three out of four travelers worry about safety and security when they travel, so make sure you have your critical health information available if you need it. Also consider getting additional travel protection through MedjetHorizon if you are hospitalized. The price you pay is small for the security of knowing that transportation can be arranged to your hospital of choice in your home country. The MedjetHorizon program offers added travel security and crisis response services benefits. Unlike other membership programs, MedjetHorizon does not depend on triggers, such as government-issued evacuation mandates, to act on behalf of its members.

Taking the time a week or so before your trip to develop a checklist of things to do before you head off on vacation is worth the trouble. Planning ahead may help you avoid small issues and possibly an avoidable disaster.

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