4 Valuable Reasons Why Managed IT Solutions Are Worth Every Penny

If you haven’t invested in managed IT solutions yet, you need to get on board. Here’s a closer look at what this is and everything it can offer you.

IT support is one of the most important components of a business. Aside from branding, it will be the biggest investment. There is nothing more important than the security of company data and client records.

Working with an IT department that is not compliant can cost a company more than investing in managed IT solutions.

Exposure to a data breach will cost a business financially and the brand will be tarnished. Depending on the size of the company and its financial health, rebuilding may not be an option.

Hiring a managed service provider does not come in a one size fits all packaging. A firm that can meet the specific needs of each of its clients and be a trusted partner gives businesses peace of mind.

Are you considering managed IT solutions for your business? Continue reading, our four valuable reasons why you should move forward.

#1. Managed IT Solutions Help a Business Run More Efficiently

For small businesses, taking on IT duties can be expensive. There is the task of hiring the correct people and ensuring all areas are covered and remain compliant.

By outsourcing managed IT services the focus is placed back on the business of the company. Employees can focus on providing quality service to clients without worrying about system issues.

An important asset is not having to schedule system back-ups. The managed services provider will take on that responsibility. Dealing with downtime during updates should also decrease or end.

Managed IT also means turning compliance issues over to the professionals. IT service providers must stay abreast of industry standards and security updates. With the right provider that is a big burden off your plate.

Three things a business should consider when researching providers are:

The reputation of the Provider

Before choosing a firm, do your homework. Assess your business needs and how much you can afford to pay for services. Ask other businesses for referrals.

Narrow your search down to three IT companies. Do your research and then have a face-to-face meeting. Be sure to have a list of pertinent questions to ask.

Service Level Agreement

Don’t settle for a standard agreement. Make sure your contract contains requirements specific to your business. Include goals that can be measured and determine how successful delivery will be assessed.


Understand the true cost of managed IT solutions. Compare the cost as it relates to your overall operations. Determine if the return on investment will support the final decision to outsource.

Click here for more on what to look for in a managed service provider.

#2. Businesses Can Defend Against Security Breaches

Going with managed IT solutions can leverage the playing field for small businesses. An advantage large corporations have is hiring top IT professionals to manage their systems and data. By outsourcing, small businesses get that same expertise but at a lesser cost.

Your service provider has a team of individuals that are certified in various systems, programs, and layouts. Some providers will also come in and train key personnel so when new employees start there is someone in-house to do basic instructions.

You should also get access to network security protocol training for employees. This is instrumental in eliminating behavior that could invite security issues.

Businesses no longer have to deal with compliance issues. Managed IT services are required to be compliant and up-to-date on new requirements and mandates.  You will no longer have to worry about regulations such as HIPPA, PCI, and other privacy requirements.

Improvements to data encryption will be automatic. The provider will also be trained in stopping malware and identifying other cybercrimes before they infiltrate the client’s system.

Best of all, system upgrades and back-ups are handled by the provider so there is little to no downtime during business hours.

#3. Convert to a Cloud-Based System

As cloud-based servers grow in popularity managed services have expanded their offerings to cover maintaining these servers. It makes their job easier because they no longer have to come on-site to deal with glitches.

Converting to cloud storage coupled with outsourcing to an IT provider has added benefits. System upgrades and security updates might be included in a standard contract.

You are no longer housing physical servers that can cost more to maintain. Servers can also take up space that can be used for a much-needed office.

The cloud allows you to disconnect from the office and meet with clients off-site. With outsourced services, there is no need to rush back to the office whenever there is a system issue.

The overall ROI can’t be denied. Resources from in-house IT positions can be redirected to hire essential staff to help grow your business. It also could mean allowing employees to work from home as an added perk.

#4. Allows Your Team to Get Back to What They Do Best

With outsourced services your team can get back to the tasks, they were hired to perform. Too often small businesses rely on their employees to perform multiple roles. If someone has skills in technology, he becomes the go-to person for every issue involving computers, servers and more.

Business owners will no longer need to worry about hosting formal training and development sessions to educate employees on system updates and changes. This is a cost saving and improves productivity.

Also eliminated is the cost of having to send someone to conferences to learn about new developments in technology. All of this becomes the responsibility of the managed IT solutions provider.

Last, with the money saved by going with managed IT services, you can take the money you’ll save and reinvest in your business. You may be able to upgrade computers and invest in better software.

Are You Ready to Switch Over to Managed IT Solutions?

Have you found our four valuable reasons to switch to managed IT Solutions convincing? Weigh the pros and cons to determine what the best fit is. Afterward, sit down with a consultant to map out a course of action.

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