5 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In 2019

Cryptocurrency prices have changed quite a lot in the past few years. And some cryptocurrencies are actually becoming a great investment, despite still having some volatility here and there. But with the right amount of commitment and focus you might be able to get the job done and actually earn a profit. It all comes down to knowing what cryptocurrencies are good for investment purposes and which are less good.

#1. Cardano

Even if you didn’t hear about Cardano, this is actually a very popular one and it’s competing with Ethereum and Neo. It’s scalable and has great governance. It’s also very easy to adapt and use, which makes it one of the top tier options for the most part. It totally delivers what you need from it and in the end it’s just a pleasant, powerful and very comprehensive option to check out. It also has good liquidity too, which is great.

#2. Nexo

Nexo started as a great software to help you borrow money with coins used as a collateral. But the great thing here is that the system is very reliable, it has proper liquidity and it does work exactly the way you want. You will like using it a lot and the payoff can be quite incredible for what it is.

#3. Beam

Believe it or not, Beam is one of the best cryptocurrencies that you can use right now because it’s reliable, it has a new blockchain protocol and it also has a very good adoption system too. But it’s the liquidity it offers and the great features that really push things to the next level here. It totally delivers what you want and the payoff is second to none all the time in the end. You will enjoy it a lot.

#4. Neo

Yes, Neo is great because it comes with a smart contract approach, it’s more centralized when compared to Ethereum and the reality is that it comes with great liquidity. Since that’s what most investors want in the first place, this is pretty much a no-brainer approach. It really is one of the better cryptocurrencies out there if you want to invest in them.

#5. Bitcoin

After so many years Bitcoin continues to impress. It’s super powerful, reliable and also stable when compared to other coins. And while it did have its own crash, the reality is that the payoff is huge and people enjoy using it a lot. Yes there are always risks with cryptocurrency investments, but this one is by far the most popular one and with more stability.

There are always cryptocurrencies to invest in, and new ones appear all the time. The ones in this list are very reliable, popular and they are delivering exactly what you would expect. If you want to invest in crypto, these are a reliable option, so check them out. See the pros and cons then you will be able to invest at your own pace without issues and any possible challenges!

Steve Max
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