5 Best New WordPress Plugins

WordPress is one of the most popular blog platforms in existence, and right now there are thousands of people who prefer using WordPress for the blogs just because it’s one of the most convenient and easy to use ones out there – and it offers great technical support, plus some added features for those who opt for a paid account instead. To keep your blog modernized, you have to make sure you have the best plugins that fit your blog. Here are some of the five best new WordPress plugins to have on your blog.

#1. Backupbuddy

We post a vast amount of information on our WordPress blogs, especially if you’ve been running your blog for several months or years already. If everything were to go to waste or you wanted to move everything over to a new theme, would you want to risk losing all of the work you put into these posts? Or, what if you wanted to release your posts in book-form like many successful bloggers already have? Backupbuddy is a useful little widget that backups your entire WordPress platform, including posts, so that you don’t have to worry about it. A very impressive addition to your blog!

#2. Defender

One of the first things they teach you in any career where you have to work with technology and computers is that you have to have at least a basic antivirus set up on your system. This protects you against any malware, viruses and cyber-attacks that are bound to happen if your blog is getting thousands of hits from computers all over the world. But what about the blog itself? Defender is available as a direct plugin for your blog to ensure that it – and your readers – are always kept safe from viruses and spyware they might encounter on the site. It’s better to have it and not need it…

#3. Google Analytics

One of the most important things to a blogger is to know what’s going on at the back-end of their blog. You want to know just how many people are reading your content, where they came from, which pages they looked at and possibly even how much time they spent looking at these pages. With these, you want to know likes, shares, comments and everything in between. Because statistics are vitally important to the success of your blog. Google Analytics is a widget that offers this all in one place, keeping an eye on the blog and giving you only the information you need. And it’s constantly being updated, too.

#4. Chatwing Chatbox

You want to keep in touch with your users, and sometimes a simple contact form doesn’t do the trick. For one, contacting someone via a contact form means that you have to wait for a response – and sometimes readers would rather be able to chat to you right now. If your blog has a popular following, you can even host specific special chat sessions where people get to chat to you about their thoughts and questions. Chatwing Chatbox is one of the widgets that offer your blog this service, and you can even set up a chat where only you speak to a user – or where everyone can chat together.

#5. Social Warfar

Social media has become an essential part of blogging. People rely on social media to tell them what they should read and share – and people are more likely to share something that they found shared by somebody else. Without getting into the psychology behind it, all you need to know is that sharing is a good thing when you’re a blogger. Social Warfare allows you to share posts to all your social media options, and it’s a bonus for readers who consider themselves social-media savvy.

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