5 Common Mistakes you are Making While Exercising at Home

Doing exercise is a very common and good thing that most of us follow even if small in amount. Many of us do exercise at home because either we are too lazy to go to a gym or we don’t have sufficient time to spend in gym. But do we take experts’ advice to do the workouts properly? If not than we should be very careful because unknowingly we might harm to our body instead of doing good. There are certain things that we must maintain while doing exercise whether we do it at home or in a gym. Sometime the injury can be so severe that it might be life-threatening. Let’s know about the common mistakes that we do very often. By knowing we can actually avoid them and do our exercise on the right way.

1st Mistake

A warm-up is a very basic thing that we need to perform before going to heavyweight exercise. Our body becomes stiff remains in that state when we don’t exercise for a long period of time. After that if we start doing exercise we should make our body free so that it can be ready to take pressure. You need to prepare your body to move freely in all the directions that it should move. If we don’t do this it is very likely that you will get an injury. Jogging, running, stretching, etc. can be included in your warm-up session.

2nd Mistake

There are many who try to do things fast which is a big mistake that you should avoid. You have to remember that everything in life doesn’t go fast; you need to slow things down in some cases. While working out you have to take time, relax and do the exercises. Fast things may cause you serious injury. Your body muscles need time to cope up with the pressure that you are putting on them. Hustling will prevent them to do it properly. You will get muscle pain and sometime them might break down which might need an operation to recover.

3rd Mistake

Diet is an integral part of your exercise. If you avoid eating proper food thinking that it will help you lose weight it will not be the case. While working out it you actually lose the considerably good amount of calories that need a cover-up. Providing less food than necessary will make your body and muscles weak and you will not get enough energy to exercise. You can take advice from an diet expert who will give a chart after examining your body structure and the workouts you do regularly. Keep in mind that doing exercise is a process to maintain your body; it’s not a way to torture.

4th Mistake

Learn about the machines that you are using. Knowing about them will help you understand their nature and how they are going to affect your body. If you don’t know how to lift a dumbbell you should avoid trying. There are many instrument such as, rowing machine, barbell, dumbbell, cycling, treadmill, etc. that we can often use for doing exercise at home. Either you read their instruction manual or consult an expert how to use them properly. Different instrument affects different parts of your body so avoid using the same one again every time just because you like it. Use all of them turn by turn so that all your body muscles get to work. You are in good shape, unlike the odd shaped bodybuilders.

5th Mistake

Don’t become over-confident and don’t overdo your exercise. There are people who think that they can build their body overnight. On the first day, they work out a lot and take rest for next 5 days. You have to be regular if you think about a good health. At least 5 days in a week you should do exercise and 2 days you can take rest. You shouldn’t lose your hope because it will take a long time to be in shape. Remember that one small break can become a break for your lifetime. So try to do it on a regular basis and do it properly.

We want you to be in a good health and proper shape. We, who, don’t go to a gym, most of the time make mistakes and think that doing exercise is not my cup of tea. Learning about the common mistakes will help you to eliminate them from our dictionary. If we don’t know about the general mistakes we cannot solve them. We remain busy in this busy world and don’t get time to go to an expert for advice and try to do things on our own. This little knowledge sometimes becomes expensive and harmful. Next time when you exercise at your home try to avoid the above mistakes and do things in the right way.

Stacey Connor
Stacey Connor
Stacey Connor is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on health and lifestyle. She divides her time between travel and lifestyle. She has recently completed her Bachelor’s in Art History from the University of Chicago. You can find her on twitter @iamstaceyconnor.


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