5 Easy CNC Router Aluminum Cutting Tips

Most of the people in today’s world tend to use CNC routers in order to cut perspex sheets or wood. However, you will be able to go ahead and use CNC milling to cut aluminum as well. Before you do it, it is important to have a clear understanding on how to get started with CNC milling aluminum. The below-mentioned tips can provide excellent assistance to you with that.

#1. Calculate the speed rates and the feed

As the first step of CNC aluminum machining, you need to calculate the speed rates and the feed. That’s because the process you have to follow is not the same when compared to routing wood. Due to this reason, you are strongly encouraged to pay special attention towards the calculation of speed rates and the feed. To get assistance, you can take a look at the feed rate calculators that are available online. They will help you to get the job done at the lowest possible time as well. These machines have smaller version too. See the list of plunge routers on BestofMachinery tool reviews.

#2. Never hurry through the process

When you are engaged with CNC turning or going through any other stage of using a CNC router to cut aluminum, you should never hurry. A CNC router can help you cut aluminum. But you need to make sure that you are not hurrying through the process. If you can stay relaxed throughout the entire process and allow the machine to do the things, you will be able to end up with more effective results at the end of the day. If you can stay relaxed, it is even possible to get precise results, when compared to what you are getting with China aluminum machining.

#3. Seek the assistance of CNC router bits

Another important tip that you need to keep in mind when you are using the CNC router to cut through aluminum is to go ahead and seek the assistance of CNC router bits. The CNC routers tend to use many different specialized cutters. But it will not be able to deliver effective results when you are cutting aluminum. In other words, you will never be able to use compression cutters and down-cut spirals when you are cutting aluminum. Hence, you shouldn’t worry about spending your money to purchase them from an aluminum machine shop.

Instead, you need to think about getting your hands on cutters, which have specifically been designed for aluminum. If you take a look at an aluminum machining service, you will be able to see how they are being used. In fact, they use 2 flute or 3 flute carbide end mills to get the job done.

When you use appropriate accessories, you will be able to get to the recommended RPM to cut aluminum without any hassle. Then the CNC cutter would be happy with helping you to get the cutting job done as well. It has been identified that the carbide cutters are in a position to provide faster speeds when compared to the HSS cutters. Hence, you should never think about using cobalt cutters or HSS cutters when you are using the CNC router for cutting aluminum.

#4. Use cutters that come along with a smaller diameter

When you are cutting aluminum with a CNC router, you are also encouraged to use cutters that come with smaller diameters. This is one of the most effective and efficient methods available for you to increase the RPM. If you take a look at rapid machining, you will notice that cutters with smaller diameters are being used.

Due to this reason, you should ignore the usage of ½” end mills. Instead, you need to limit the diameter to ¼”. When you are moving with smaller diameters, you will be provided with the chance to get a rigid cutting experience. On the other hand, you will be able to make sure that you experience reduced deflection.

As mentioned earlier, using carbide will provide an advantage to you in this kind of situation. That’s because carbide is more rigid when compared to HSS. Therefore, you will be able to get impressive results at the end of the day.

#5. Lubricate with the help of a mist

You can provide lubrication to provide assistance to the cut down process as well. This can provide excellent assistance, especially when you are cutting the edges.

Most of the people who use CNC routers tend to mess with different types of coolants. But you will need to think about using a lubricant in order to get the job done in an efficient manner. The lubricant can provide a reliable cutting experience to you at the end of the day. Coolant mist is the best lubricant that you will be able to use in this kind of situation. You will love the smooth CNC aluminum cutting experience that is provided to you along with the coolant mist.

It is better if you can invest your money and purchase a mister. With the assistance of the mister, it is possible for you to provide a coolant mist and an air blast. This is an inexpensive and convenient method available for you to get assistance when you are cutting aluminum. You will love the results that are being delivered to you along with it.

When you use the mist, you will be able to make sure that only a small amount of fluid is deposited in order to eliminate the mess. Hence, you can get rid of clutter and experience a hassle-free aluminum cutting experience.

Also, check the CNC Machining Service for a better experience.


Now you have a clear understanding of how to use a CNC router to cut through aluminum. The effectiveness of the above-mentioned tips is proven and you will be able to follow them without keeping any doubts in mind. You will absolutely love the results that these tips can provide to you as well.

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