5 Easy Steps for Burning Excess Body Fat

Shedding off excess fat is not the easiest of tasks that one can undertake, because as one puts more effort, the more the body seems to become stubborn. Discipline in following the procedures for workouts and dieting must be high. Keep tabs on your diet – frequency of meals and the components of each meal. Also, steroids can be of great help to help burn off excess fat through increased metabolic activity and the building of muscles. One such anabolic steroid that helps to lose fat is Letrozole and is very effective in muscle building, body repairs, and other crucial functions.

The following are some essential steps to help you take off excess fat and maintain a lean body.

Increase your meal intake frequency

The goal here is to move from three meals per day to about eight small portions. This does not call for an overnight overhaul of your eating pattern but for a well-calculated implementation. If you usually take three meals per day, add one or two more at first. After some time, add one more, and eventually make it to a total of eight meals. If you look at your body as a furnace, it needs to keep the fire burning. The only way to do this is by providing fuel (food) to sustain it. When you increase the muscle mass, the number of calories burnt also increases. Taking frequent meals ensures increased metabolism and more breakdown of fat.

Revise your ratios

You need to keep a keen watch on your calorie intake because not all calories are the same. Breakdown of proteins emanates a lot of heat, as opposed to that of carbohydrates. You should endeavor to come up with a plan where 55% of the calories are from carbs, 45% from proteins, and 5% from fats. Avoid carbs whose rating in the glycemic cycle is quite high, as they make the blood sugar rise rapidly, reducing the need to break down fats.

To calculate the number of daily calories to eat, take 15 calories for each pound of your body weight. Adjust the calories upwards or downwards 200 calories weekly, up to the point you are losing weight. You should aim at losing between one pound, and one-and-a-half pounds per week. Anything beyond that and you will be using up muscle for weight loss.

Avoid certain substances

Avoid alcohol as much as possible. Other foods to be avoided include those that contain trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and saturated fats. Give a wide berth to refined carbs such as those in bread and pasta. Some good carbs are oatmeal, brown rice, and other wholemeal foods. Red potatoes and sweet potatoes can be considered to widen the variety.

Lift weights to build muscles

One of the best ways to up your metabolism and burn more fats is by strengthening muscles. Muscle burns calories even at rest. Include a weightlifting session that’s challenging in your routine. Free weights, as opposed to guided machines, are a better choice.

Appreciate the learning curve

You need to understand that individuals are different. Even with guidelines, it is up to you to establish what works and what does not work for you to meet your goals. You may experience plateaus and feel discouraged for recording no change despite all efforts, but keep going. The first four weeks should serve to determine your baseline calories, after which you should adjust your calories accordingly and start seeing positive results.

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