5 Easy Steps to Revise Your Employee Protection Plan in the New Year

Workplace safety is at the top of your list, and for good reason. Anything can happen while employees are on the job. You worry about motor vehicle crashes, workplace violence, occupational injuries, and other issues, but you can reduce the risks your workers face by revising your employee protection plan. Adjust your current plan to ensure your employees are always safe.

While this might sound like a headache, it’s quite simple. You can revise and implement your plan by following five easy steps.

#1. Evaluate Safety Concerns

First, evaluate the safety concerns that your employees face. Remember that these concerns differ based on the line of work and the location of employees. For example, if your employees work in a call center, you will have different safety concerns than you will if your employees work out in the field by themselves. Assess the situation and line of work, so you can accurately evaluate the safety concerns.

#2. Create Safety Goals

Once you know what your safety concerns are, look at statistics from the prior year. How many injuries did you have? How many employees quit because of safety issues? Use this information to create goals to use when developing your employee protection plan. While the main goal is to make your employees safer, you need to come up with measurable goals that will get you to that target. For instance, aim to reduce workplace injuries by 50 percent. By creating a measurable goal, you’ll know if you’re on track.

#3. Find Technology That Addresses the Concerns

Technology has advanced a great deal in recent years. Now, you can include technology in your employee protection plan. Choose something with 24/7 worker safety protection. This will help you monitor your employees in real time, and it will also allow your employees to call for help if needed. You can also use technology to tag risks and alert employees in real time. Such technology will help you create a better employee protection plan.

#4. Include the New Plan in the Handbook

You need to update your employee protect plan in your company’s handbook. Make sure each employee has a copy of the new plan. It’s essential that employees read and understand the plan before going back to work. This could be a matter of life and death, so make sure your employees take it seriously.

#5. Train Your Employees on the New Plan

Reading the employee protection plan is not enough. Your employees need to be trained as well. Hold group or individual training sessions to explain the plan to the employees. You should also go over the technology with them, so they fully understand all the features. Once they understand the plan, they’ll be ready to go back out into the workforce.

It’s Time to Improve Employee Safety

The new year is a great time to revise your employee protection plan. Make 2019 the safest yet by following these tips.

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