5 Great Advantages of Microsoft Project

Since Microsoft launched its project management tool, Microsoft Project , in 1988 , the technology and scope of application have grown continually adapting to the needs of all types of organizations in terms of sector, size, activity, type of projects. Around Microsoft Project interesting alternatives have arisen in both standard license and Primavera, and freeware in the case of OpenProj to name an example, but without comparing its functionality and capacity, the fact is that Microsoft Project is by far the most used tool to world level to manage projects , and today we will know some of the reasons why he has achieved a position of honor in the company. A website called SoftwareKeep, From there you can Buy Office 2019.

Efficient and efficient management of resources.

The optimization in the distribution and use of the resources of the companies is the key to saving costs and avoiding delays in the projects , however for all it is well known, that innumerable projects fail miserably for this justly. Microsoft Project has been designed and updated to accurately assess the needs to distribute resources effectively and create strategies and plans for the futurerelated, that allow a continuous process of optimization. From the standard configuration, to the most detailed personalizations, Ms Project offers as a great advantage its versatility and flexibility to adapt to our organization, its resources, constraints, and projects, and a wide variety of both automatic and manual tools that will result of great help to make the best decisions.

Project life cycle management

Quickly convert proposals and ideas into operational projects is one of the great advantages of Ms Project, something that we can do today from the comfort of our tablet or smartphone with the Project Web Access. With Ms Project we can have a global vision of the current and planned work of the entire organization, and in each phase of the life cycle of each project, to improve decision making. And better decisions, are always greater benefits.

Manage the simple and complex

With Microsoft Project we can plan and manage both small and large projects , with a level of detail, from the most summary and general, to as much detail as we need. As well as dealing with projects individually, how to relate them to each other. And always with the great feature of being able to modify it to our needs at any time. 

Constantly improve processes

Using Microsoft Project in the company, encourages and helps to standardize more and more its processes in order to improve operational effectiveness and make the management of projects easier. An example of simplicity and usefulness are the templates for repeatable Project processes, that we can use processes that are repeated, and that will allow us to save time in their disposition, perfect according to the best practices that we introduce. In this way, the cumulative knowledge collected by Ms Project will improve automated workflows to reduce costs, shorten deadlines, and increase the quality of projects.

Boosting business intelligence

Thanks to Microsoft Project we can visualize the performance of our projects and resources, detect trends, manage risks more easily, identify problems or areas of improvement … The data reporting services of Microsoft Project allow us to visualize, easily share information, as well as the use of the tool of creation of reports, they will allow us to report internally and externally according to our interests and needs. In this field, the possibilities that BI offers us are immense, and great benefits are being achieved with its use.



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