5 Instagram Tips to Turn You Into a Social Media Sensation

Instagram is being the most popular social networking site right now. People started using it as a fun app and for time pass but it is an absolutely amazing fact that how this fun app is converted into the most serious marketing and networking tool by attracting a lot of a people and brands. The awesomeness of the app is realized by knowing the fact that the average engagement rates of the brands on Instagram are 58 times greater than Facebook which sounds just great. Reaching to this average value is just a goal to be accomplished. But what if someone desires to be the digital unicorn? Who is a magical and rare creature which will be outstanding to all the others in the line?

It’s not just a dream; you can be the digital unicorn by following some of the amazing Instagram hacks. Or else you can gain more Instagram reach by buying it to have the booming fan following. Till then check out the listed ideas below and have an idea of posting things which will bring more visibility and engagement.

Here are few ways to gain more Instagram reach and followings.

#1. Make use of the unique visual pictures

It’s an obvious thing to post the most appealing visuals attracted the audience. Although it’s not necessary to have a good camera or photographer skills, you just to put some of your creative hard work for the best visuals. Make your posts simple and play a bit with the effects present on Instagram to choose the coolest filter on the snap to be posted. Or else you can make use of the editing opportunity if you are not comfortable with the filters provided. These techniques require only practice and you will be good at it soon.

#2. Placing relevant hashtags in the posts

One of the other famous components for engaging the audience is the use of the correct hashtags on your posts. As Instagram limits the hashtags at 30, so you should be very specific in choosing them. The hashtag helps in categorizing the posts according to their theme. Be very short, sweet and a bit descriptive while mentioning the hashtags. There are many businesses that make their own specific hashtags and ask their followers to use them regularly for the promotions. It’s a simple process to be a digital unicorn on Instagram.

#3. Tagging some famous brands

A practice of tagging other brands on your posts will show up your content on their ‘photos of you’ section. People who are following them will be able to see your photos and content and may become your followers as well. they will receive a notification and can further help you in gaining the following ratio. Don’t overuse this technique as it will make you look spam or fake to others and will result in a reduction of followers. And can attract the other spam accounts because of you.

#4. Know the demands of your audience

The main purpose of your Instagram account is the entertainment of the audience who are following you and for the promotions and education of the people. You should keep this fact in mind while posting the things and also keep in mind that who you are actually targeting. You can also be professional my posting simple and educational posts with a concise limit.

Once you know what kind of posts your audience likes, you can design a content marketing strategy accordingly to build organic Instagram followers.

#5.  Ask for it

Many followers desire to give some of the tips for more improvements but they hesitate in sharing their mindsets unless you will ask for the feedback from them. You can further contact them for getting more ideas.

Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
Irfan Bajwa is an emerging business enthusiast and passionate blogger and writer on a versatile level.


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