5 Issues Mac Users Often Face

Mac devices have proved to be considerably more popular than all their competitors on the market put together. They have won the hearts of their fan thanks to the reliability, superior quality, and the support that Apple provides to its customers. Putting a cherry on the cake, there is also a set of unique features, available in macOS only. Even though it comes loaded with usability bonuses, it also has its own set of problems. Among the most common setbacks are Mac duplicate files that increase the heap of junk accumulated over time. These unwanted files can slow down your Mac. The consequences are the following:

#1. Sometimes Mac devices become excessively slow and show strange behaviors.

This is mainly due to the accumulation of unnecessary files, folders, applications, etc. that are no longer useful. All this dead weight only occupies the space on your hard disk. In addition, Mac often creates duplicate files. These identical data add up and may eventually cause sluggishness of the system. It is better to invest in cleanup apps to prevent the problem and save yourself a trouble.

#2. Another common issue is Wi-Fi connection

If you experience troubles connecting to the Internet, the best way to start troubleshooting is switching the Wi-Fi off and on again. If that does not help, you should do the same thing to the router. Switch it off, wait for 30 to 60 seconds, and then switch in on. Restarting the router usually helps, and everything should work fine.

#3. The problem that most Mac users dread the most is the so-called spinning pinwheel of death (or spinning beach ball)

If it appears on the screen, it means that the application you are running now does not work properly. If this beach ball is spinning continuously, no matter which app you launch, there a high probability that you have a general problem with your system (usually insufficient memory capacity).

To see what puts the most stain on you system, check the Activity Monitor and see which program hogs the most resources. The quick remedy is to quit the program. To prevent the issue in the future, you should think of a more efficient app with similar functionality to use instead. Another possible reason for spinning beach ball is storage overload. If you do not have enough space on your disk, it can cause malfunctions. You can free up some space by uninstalling unused programs, deleting files and folders you no longer need, uploading some of the stuff on the cloud storage or external drives.

#4. Another issue often encountered by Mac users is blurred display

The reasons may vary, but the first thing to do is to restart your Mac device immediately. If this does not restore your perfect screen, the distortion might be a result of a faulty graphics card. To find out, you should run Apple hardware test.

#5. Mac devices may also have troubles with the sound

To be sure that there is a real issue, follow some basic checks. Is the volume button on? Are your headphones connected properly? If everything seems to be fine but there is still no sound (or the sound is distorted), you should contact the Apple support. They will guide you through all the necessary checks and tests.

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