5 Most Common Fridge Problems and How You Can Prevent Them

Did you know that many of the most common refrigerator problems can be easily avoided? If you want to spend less on freezer repair, get the details on how to avoid five common issues.

#1. Not Dispensing Water or Ice

Have you ever gone to your ice maker, pushed the button, and nothing happened? This is a common problem, and one that’s easy to prevent. You just need to change the refrigerator’s water filter on a regular basis. The filter collects debris and, eventually, it will prevent your refrigerator from dispensing water and ice. If that doesn’t work, you might need to hire a freezer repair specialist.

#2. Refrigerator Not Getting Cold

Many people think they are in need of an expensive freezer repair because the refrigerator isn’t getting cold, but that’s not always the case. Oftentimes, it’s a simple fix. The coils located behind or under the refrigerator might need vacuuming or the vents that blow the cold air in might be blocked. Check these two things before calling a company for freezer repair.

#3. Leaking Water

Water leaks are pretty common. Leaks are also pretty easy to fix and then avoid in the future. In many cases, the defrost drain is blocked, and that causes the water to leak. Use a funnel and warm water to flush the drain that’s located inside of the freezer. Then, find the defrost drain hose found at the back of the refrigerator. Locate the rubber check valve and wash it with soap and hot water. After it’s clean, check the defrost drain regularly to make sure it stays clean.

#4. Ice Build-Up

Many people call a freezer repair company because there is an ice build-up in their freezers. This is actually one of the easiest problems to avoid. This typically occurs because you leave the freezer door open longer than necessary. Instead of opening the door and thinking about what you want to get out, have a game plan going in. Then, you can open the door and grab what you need quickly.

If that doesn’t work, you might have a faulty seal. Try cleaning the seal first. But if the ice continues to build up, you need to hire a freezer repair company.

#5. Noisy Refrigerator

If your refrigerator is making loud noises, you aren’t alone. This is a common issue with refrigerators and one that can be easily avoided. This is typically due to too much ice in the freezer. The ice hits the fan and then makes a loud noise. If it gets to this point, you need to call a freezer repair company to come out and fix it. This is actually a dangerous repair that can lead to electric shock. Once it’s fixed, though, you can avoid the problem in the future by turning off the ice maker when it gets too full.

Know When to Call a Freezer Repair Company

It’s important to know when to call a freezer repair company. Try to handle basic tasks yourself, but don’t be afraid to call for help when needed.

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