5 Most Dangerous Distracted Driving Habits

Driving is the most common thing that every person does. Depending upon the distance we want to cover and the vehicle we can drive, one chooses his conveyance. People in most of the parts are working so they need to drive in order to reach on time. There are various public conveyance provided but they often take a lot of time. Some people love to drive and they just go out for a ride. While driving the attention on the road is the essential thing which is needed to keep yourself and others safe. People face various accidents because of their multitasking and various distractions that occur. According to the research done by the World Health Organization, 1.8% of the total death that occurred was because of the road accidents in 2008. In the world, Namibia is said to have topped the list of accidents that occurred on the road. This survey was also done by the Worlds Health Organization and the reason occurred to be the improper infrastructure of the road. The most dangerous distracted driving habits are listed below.

#1. Drinking and Eating

This habit is commonly found in most of the countries. People love to drink while they eat their favorite meal. When you go to a party, drinking is the common thing which is done by everyone but thereafter if you go for driving it may be a dangerous act. Drinking just reduces a person’s ability to focus and makes him dizzy. It becomes difficult to focus on the road and to drive as well. Drinking and driving are abolished by many of the countries. There are even checkpoints where police take the penalty from the people who drink and drive. It becomes unsafe for oneself and to others on the road as well because drinking reduces the ability of a person to be in a correct state of mind to take control of the vehicle. So, Distracted driving study conducted by Aceable Drivers Ed is an app which is used to test the driving skills of the person. It must be used by the learners to get some skills in driving.

On the other side eating while driving a vehicle is also dangerous. Driving on a busy road needs a lot of skill as there are vehicles which go on very high speed. Eating some stuff while driving may distract a person’s attention from the road. Although people tend to eat their food while driving as it saves time but one should not compromise on his life.

#2. Drowsy and Driving

People who work had to earn their living are exhausted most of the time. Their job is very tiring. They often have to work late at night until their work is finished. In such a condition it is genuine for a person to feel sleepy while driving. They are exhausted and due to lack of rest, they tend to feel dizzy while they are on the road. The census says that 41% of the people who drive have accepted the fact that they have fallen asleep while driving because of some of the other reasons. A mental shutdown occurs when we drive while we are tired from a long and a figure painting day. This drowsiness often causes a person to fall asleep behind the wheel and results in a crash. Often after drinking also people feel dizzy and it becomes dangerous if they decide to ride.

#3. Concentrating on some other thing

Sometimes while driving our eyes get stuck on some advertisements or the posters hanging on the side of the road. This just takes all our attention from the road which again causes a lot of accidents. Posters are made in such a way to gather attention, sometimes they are positioned in such a place that we are bound to look at them. Now a day’s LEDs are being hung on the roadside for advertisements. People have a look at them and get into accidents. At times there are people selling stuff on the roadside or some entertaining stuff is fixed to take the attention of the people. Though they do these in order to gain profit it often causes a lot of accidents. These are some distractions that remove the attention of the person from the road.

#4. Using Mobile phones

People now days are habitual to use technology every time. Using phone is the common thing that every individual does. Updating everything on social media and seeing other stuff has become a lifestyle. People often take photographs while driving and focus on the mobile screen, this causes their attention to divert and results in accidents. Children are most addictive to social media hence they face accidents more. One distracted driving study conducted by Aceable Drivers Ed even showed that teens learn distracted driving behavior from their parents, which is why it’s always important for a good example to be set

#5. Talking while driving

Another thing that people do is talking on the phone while driving. They do so either for some important business or to save time or entertain them. This is the most dangerous thing that people tend to do. According to a study done recently, most of the accidents that occur daily is because of mobile phones. People focus on social media more than the vehicles on the road. It has become so addictive that even teenagers are putting headphones while driving. They hear music on a loud volume and divert their attention from the road causing an accident.

These accidents are the cause that the apps are developed to get even the driving license. The distracted driving study conducted by Aceable Drivers Ed is making people skilled on the roads which can cause fewer accidents.

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