5 Online Tools for Teachers

There are educational tools both free and paid online which provides benefits to our teachers and students in million ways. These tools make various tasks easy and solve time-consuming issues. Education is an important issue when it comes to better nation building. Old methods of teaching, managing papers, taking quizzes and examinations are less effective now. We are now living in the world where there are less paperwork and more screen reading and learning. So why not stay up to date with the modern methods and tools which take teaching to the other level. In this article, we will discuss 5 of the best ones which are and will keep on helping our teachers and are most recommended by them as well.

Google Drive

Starting with the best, we have Google Drive on our list. Google Drive provides an online private or network of cloud based hard drive which can be used for information sharing and exchange or simply storing your documents. Very quick, reliable and easily accessible anytime with additional services like online chat to stay in touch with your students and round up Q&A sessions. This tool is particularly used by teachers to share homework and assignment topics with deadlines provides to students to complete them. Also, this drive is used to inform about changes in curriculum or in providing notes.

In order to use this service, one must have a Gmail account and if not, then it will recommend you an option to create it. Create and sign in and invite everyone from your class with Google drive accounts. Share thoughts and lectures and discuss students via chat or comments on uploaded files. Google Drive is a booster for eLearning. Easily accessible anywhere with your login and internet connection. Create profiles and add other students of your class and have your very own online sessions without any issue. Students will love it and knowledge will be at their doorstep anytime they need it.


This is an excellent tool when it comes to organizing events, assignments, and tasks to students. Teachers are given an opportunity to add, edit and organize the assignments with due dates and requirements to their students. Students can submit their assignments over the class page after completing them. There is a calendar which is provided by this tool on which teachers and organizers can set dates to different events and notifications of the deadlines. There is an option for forum discussion as well for the teachers.


This is a tool which can actually improve your classroom from different issues. Teachers use this tool so their students can be taken in focus for their concerns outside the classroom and make them prepared for the next days. It provides personal learning to improve skills of teaching so you can better focus on your student’s nature and method of attaining knowledge. Collaborize Classroom encourages students to help each other through problems with the guidance of their instructors and provides teachers with instant access to lesson plans and project ideas for the implementation in the classroom.


I explain Edmodo as a social network for your school. This tool is wide and you can make a profile of yourself and for the students and add them up just like Facebook but a complete focus on education related stuff. This tool actually allows a teacher to look through their students outside the classroom. Taking them in discussion to understand their needs and methods of how they receive the lessons and their nature, interests etc. To notify events and assignment dates or quizzes. One of the best things is this that a teacher is connected to the student’s guardians and they also can keep an eye on how well their child is doing in class. Teachers can upload and post different resources for learning, assignment topics, notes for help and can follow down other things like online sessions of discussion etc. Students can question each other about on going stuff in class and as well can ask the teachers.

Plagiarism checker

One of the biggest issues is plagiarism. This act has taken down such bright and creative students to zero. Plagiarism is basically an act of taking a shortcut and copying other’s hard work so they can present it as their own. The simple explanation is cheating at an advanced level. Students not only copy work from other students but totally copying articles that are helpful or detailed explanations over the web directly to their assignment without citing the sources. I understand that without research, there is not a concept of quality writing but it doesn’t mean that you start copying everything just because it’s easy. This takes away all the confidence of a student to create something on their own. Students feel hesitation of failure when they are asked to provide creative work. Once you are caught in this act and get used to it, it means your downfall has started. Universities, as well as teachers and students, should be aware of the dangers of plagiarism and take steps to stop it. The best step to improve this issue in plagiarism checker which is available as an online tool.

This tool not only helps out a teacher catching up if the written content is copied but also provides the source for it. Teachers can also check plagiarism with in assignments of two different people while avoiding the check from the web. Simply copying written content or by uploading .doc, .pdf or .txt files and click the button to check plagiarism. In a few seconds, everything will be crystal. Also, students can check for plagiarism before submitting their work so if any mishap of copying was inside can be removed.

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