5 Powerful Benefits Of Using Baileigh Tools In Your Shop

Baileigh Industrial is one of the top choices for professionals in both the woodworking and metalworking industries. For woodworking professionals, Baileigh offers mortisers, lathes, joiners, planers, drill presses, and much more.

And for those in the metalworking industry, Baileigh Industries is well-known for selling some of the highest-quality tube & pipe benders, plasma tables, presses, drills, lathes, mills, and plenty of other products.

Wondering if you should choose Baileigh tools for your shop? Take a look at this article, and learn why Baileigh tools are such a great investment, no matter what your industry may be.

#1. Comprehensive One-Year Warranty

When you buy a new Baileigh tool or machine, you get a completely-comprehensive one-year warranty. In the rare case that the machine fails or has significant technical difficulties, Baileigh will cover the cost of replacement parts, ensuring that your machine is up and running in no time at all. Their technicians can also walk you through the repair process, which makes things quick and easy.

#2. Lifetime Technical Support

In addition to your one-year warranty, Baileigh Industrial offers lifetime technical support for all of their equipment and machines. You can get in touch with the company, and you’ll quickly be connected to a service technician who can help you with troubleshooting, diagnostics, repairs, and more.

This ensures that you’ll always have the expertise that you need to fix your critical machines, and get them back up and running without missing project deadlines or other project milestones.

Whether your machine is a year old, ten years old, or fifty years old, you can get support from Baileigh for free – and that’s a powerful benefit.

#3. Large Stock Of Replacement Parts With Fast Shipping

Even the best machines fail. And when they do, a quick fix is necessary to ensure that your business is not affected. Baileigh offers a huge selection of replacement parts for both new-model and older-model machines, and can typically process shipment orders within 24 hours.

This allows you to replace any faulty parts on your machine quickly, and get back to doing what you do best – satisfying your clients and building your business.

#4. Industrial-Grade Reliability And Performance

Baileigh tools are built to be affordable and useful for hobbyists, contractors, and machine shops alike. With industrial-grade build quality and adherence to the highest standards for reliability and safety, you can trust your Baileigh equipment to always get the job done – whether you’re using a Baileigh saw for a DIY project or an industrial-grade press brake in your small business.

#5. Comprehensive Documentation And Manuals

Baileigh provides a USB stick complete with documentation and manuals with every order, to allow customers to print off as many copies of the manual as they need – and to ensure that the original manual cannot be damaged or destroyed.

This means that you don’t have to worry about losing your documentation, or accidentally ruining your manual with grease, metal shards, or any other hazard in the world of industrial fabrication.

If you lose your electronic copy of your manual, you can easily find an upload of the manual online, or contact Baileigh directly in order to have a customer service representative send you a new copy. You’ll never be without the training and education materials that you need to use, service, and maintain your machine!

Shop For Baileigh Tools Now – And Get The Best Quality, Guaranteed!

It’s not always easy to find the tools that you need as a metalworking or woodworking professional. With so many different brands and models on the market, you never know which product may be right for you.

But that’s not the case with Baileigh Industrial. No matter what you’re looking for, Baileigh has it – and with industry-leading support, warranties, and features, you can count on your Baileigh tools and machines to be functional, reliable, and precise for years to come.

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