5 Proven Ways to Make Money Traveling

Traveling… there is so much excitement in this word.

You get butterflies in your stomach when you are packing your bags, knowing that an adventure awaits.

If you always wished to travel more, but your job limits your dreams, probably you will be interested to find out how can you successfully mix both business and pleasure.

The Internet is changing the way we work. You don’t have to be stuck in the same office for the rest of your life; you can easily replace your workspace with your home, nearest coffee shop or even The Bahamas. The choice is yours.

#1. Online Surveys

Taking parts in online surveys is an excellent opportunity to make some money on the side. There are different kinds of researchers, some of them are offering you free product samples, gift cards, a small amount of money or a chance to win bigger prizes (1, 500 – 3 000 dollars) It is all up to you in what type of survey you will decide to participate.


✓ it takes up to 3-5 minutes to answer a survey

✓ Does not require any technical skills


✘ You might need a store receipt

✘ Location restrictions may apply

#2. Start Freelancing

If you want to be independent and escape from the office routine, there is nothing better than being self-employed. You can make your work schedule, weather working part-time or full-time on projects, all depends on you. You can do anything you are passionate about: web designer, copywriter, and digital marketer are only a few of the jobs, which the immense field of freelancing has to offer.

How to get started:

There are plenty of websites, which are offering freelancing service. Two of the most popular sites are Fiverr and Upwork.

🔻 Fiverr –   First you should start with setting your “Gig.” If you wonder what that means – a “Gig” represents the service that you can offer. By displaying your skills in your “Gig,” people will decide whether to choose to work with you or not.

❗ According to Fiverr statistic Gigs with a video description sell 220% more than those without.

Therefore you must have a video. Your future clients would love to hear about your skills and what you can do for them.

🔻 Upwork –  Reputation is the key to success on this website. To gain trust, display a portfolio, take skill tests and set high profile. That will guarantee you a great start.

If you want to know more about Fiverr, Upwork and many other freelance websites check this guide.


✓ You can build a long relationship with clients

✓ You can make a career

✓ You can find lots of useful articles online with regards how to be a successful freelancer


✘ High commission (about 20%)

#3. Teaching

If you are good at teaching and there is a skill or knowledge you would like to share the best place for you will be – takelessons.com. You can either give personal lessons or teach through applications such as Handouts and Skype.

How it works:

  • You need to create a profile on takelessons.com
  • Set an hourly rate
  • Set your timezone
  • When students apply for your lessons, they will book a time slot
  • You will receive the payment via PayPal

Suggestion: If you like the idea of giving personal lessons, you can do in the cities you visit while you are traveling.


✓ It does not require an investment


✘ You must change your timezone every time you go somewhere else

✘ You must good at teaching

#4. Start blogging

If you have any interesting hobbies such as cooking, making arts and crafts or you just want to get better in writing you should consider starting your blog. The best part is that you can earn money while blogging.

How can you make a profit:

  • With advertisements
  • By writing recommendations and product reviews then attaching affiliate links
  • Selling digital products such as Ebooks
  • Offering service in your area of expertise


✓ It is easy to create a blog

✓ Flexibility

✓Helps you sell a product/service


✘ it is time consuming

✘ it takes time until you grow your fan base

#5. Rent your home while you are gone

If you are planning to travel most of the time, then renting your space while you are gone can bring you bags full of cash. Thanks to platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO your property can get easily booked. Many travelers all over the world prefer to stay in local homes and shared places instead of hotels.


✓ High income


✘ You need to be available for guests questions

✘ Your neighbors might not like the idea to see strangers getting out of your place.

✘ The guests might throw a party and damage your property.


Don’t let your job be the reason to travel less. You can never go wrong when you follow your dreams. Grab your bags, get a ticket and conquer the world.

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