5 Reasons Everyone Loves Subway Tiles

Choosing the right kind of tiles for your home can sometimes be difficult, but it is fun. Some tiles can be trendy, good looking and appealing yet can become boring too quickly. Subway tiles are a timeless trend that will never go out of style and will not be boring even when another trend comes out.

Here are some reasons why everybody loves Subway Tiles.

#1. Versatility

The tiles go a long way when it comes to colours, patterns and materials to choose from. They have myriad of shades that are catchy and helps to make a daunting choice that perfectly matches your décor. It just depends on your taste, and you will get it. The tiles also come in different patterns from bold to subtle and fun.

The number of patterns for these tiles can only be limited individual imagination. With the use of their aesthetic, homemakers and designers have come up with various designs for these tiles that have made an impact. From traditional to transitional and from historical to modern, the tiles have all the patterns desired by everybody. The variety of designs of the tiles aids in creating a uniqueness that reflects your style personality.

Additionally, the tiles have different types of materials that you can choose from including a 3D-option that brings an added flair. From white subway tiles ceramic to solid black, marble or glass and natural stone, the tiles have a variety of material that provides you with a vast range to choose from. These features make the tiles meet the taste and preferences of different people hence make them everyone’s favourite tiles.

#2. They fit in most Décor

Due to the simple design of these tiles, they are compatible with many architectural designs and decor. The styling possibility of the tiles is limitless. With different colours and materials, they complement any décor and will never disappoint in any place whether it’s for homes or vocational properties.

It does not matter whether you are building a new home or you have considered expanding it beyond the old monochromatic glazed tiles, subway fits perfectly. They have tonal variations that match any décor that was there previously. Surrounding your bathroom or shower with these tiles adds a clean and simple ambience that suits various decorative tastes.

#3. Durability

When it comes to durability subway is matchless and everlasting. The tiles are resilient to wear and tear, can withstand for many years without any damage and still retain their original looks. The minimal grouting and the hard glazed surfaces make these tiles resistance to mildew especially in humid environments hence stays for quite a long time

Moreover, these tiles are also resistant to moisture and heat. When used in the kitchen, the quality makes them withstand heat and moisture thus making them last longer than other types of tiles.

#4. Low maintenance

Compared to other models, Terracotta tiles are very simple. They require minimal care and is easy to clean. The fact that these tiles are water and stain resistance makes them easy to maintain. Even a light whipping is enough to keep them clean. This quality makes them even more desirable as the kitchen mess will never be a nightmare. With just warm soapy water and a piece of cloth, you can keep them clean always.

#5. Affordability

Compared to many other backsplash tiles found in the market such as ceramic and marble, subway tiles are affordable and come with reasonable prices. Their reasonable cost makes them pockets friendly and easily accessible to people across all walks of life hence everyone loves them.


The reasons discussed above are just a few of many reasons why everyone loves subway tiles. Are there other benefits and desirable qualities that you might have observed from your house or from surrounding homes that make everyone love these tiles? Kindly leave a comment and let us know more about what you think about these tiles.

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