5 Reasons to Get a Separate Phone Plan for Your Business

If you have just started your business, you may consider using your personal phone number for your business. Indeed, this option is convenient and affordable. Besides, switching to a new number can be a hassle.

However, business and personal communication are two different things, so the contact details for each should ideally be kept separate. If you use your personal number for business, you are basically inviting conflict as well as stress and inefficiency into your life.

Mobile service providers in Saudi Arabia  share five reasons for you to get a business line.

#1. Exposure to numerous threats

In today’s world, information is king. If you use your personal number for your business, your personal information will be under constant threat from scammers, hackers, and pranksters. Also, everything you put on the Internet can be used by unscrupulous people in a wrong way.

With the number of risks out there, you should not expose yourself by advertising your personal number. For instance, a skilled hacker might get your credit card information once you used your smartphone to pay for something online by just having your phone number, and going from there. Even the passwords you save on your social media accounts can be accessed easily as well.

You can keep your personal number out of the spotlight by having a second number for your business. This will significantly decrease the possibility of hackers targeting you. Moreover, this will preserve the safety of your personal data without affecting convenience and mobility.

In fact, there are business phone plan providers that partner with security solutions like Kaspersky Internet security mobile to secure sensitive business data and more.

#2. Bound to a single personal number

Your mobile number is a big part of your life. Oftentimes, you don’t want to change it unless you really have to.

Some services might ask for your phone number if you want to register for you to be able to access a product or feature. Also, mobile numbers are often used for two-factor authentication by digital currency and online banking services, which makes it inconvenient for you to change your number.

Such connection to your mobile number is even worse if you are a business owner. Once it is distributed in the market, changing it will render past campaigns useless. This means old printed materials in the trash, and wasted money.

The best way to prevent customers from calling an inactive or old number is to use separate numbers for private and business affairs. This will save you from a lot of trouble should you wish to switch personal mobile numbers or carriers.

#3. Limited business communication capabilities

If you use your personal number for your business thinking that you’ll do something more business-inclined later on, then you risk falling into a trap.

When the time comes to improve your business call processing capability, such as by adding features meant for business use, you may find it too difficult to do this with your personal number. Ironically, it may also be too late for you to switch to a business plan because your business is already on the rise, and has been associated with your personal number since its inception.

Reputable phone service plan providers are praised for their scalability and flexibility. They allow you to start with an affordable plan with basic features and adjust it later on. For instance, you can add more CUG minutes or data bundle. This way, you only pay for what your business needs.

#4. Employee-customer interaction monitoring

When you and your employees make use of your personal numbers to deal with your clients, you are giving up control over some of your business elements. It is crucial for you to monitor all the activities of your venture, including customer service, sales, and logistics.

If your customers interact with your company through the mobile numbers of your employees, you won’t know when and how often your employees speak to them, what they fail to do, and how they are handling every conversation. Even when you trust your employees, giving them control limits your ability to help. Also, this will open possibilities for your workers to lose clients because of ineffective communication.

But if you have a business phone plan, all phone business communication is done in a consistent and professional environment. In turn, this will give you full awareness of what is going on. You can monitor detailed call statistics for each employee, record calls, and many more.

#5. Work-life balance

It is a must to answer phone calls promptly during business hours. However, your customers should not be able to reach you anytime they want to, and for just about anything. There are instances when certain topics are best communicated via email, and situations that do not really require instant responses via mobile phone. While you do need to work hard to ensure the success of your business, you are also entitled to have some work-life balance.

Having a separate phone number for your business will preserve your employees’ and your own privacy without compromising accessibility. You can direct calls to voicemail after business hours. You might also include a VIP list which allows for specific people to call you whenever they need to.

Personal numbers are not for business use – they are actually inconvenient, and dangerous to share publicly. You may want to carry separate mobile phones instead; one for your personal use, and another for the conduct of your business.

Ask for your mobile carrier’s business plan options to avail of their business services, and see how much more streamlined your business communication can get.

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