5 Reasons to Go Green with Reusable Shopping Bags

It is evident that plastic is damaging the environment. Numerous campaigns have already carried out to spread awareness in this context. However, it is time to take practical steps. You can play your part by practicing certain precautionary steps. You can start by replacing plastic shopping bags with reusable shopping bags.

Let’s take plastic shopping bags as an example. Millions of people use tons of plastic bags to carry different objects including groceries on a daily basis. So, why not switch to an environmentally-friendly idea?

Instead of using these low-quality plastic bags, you can consider reusable shopping bags. These bags are often made of recycled material so they neither damage the environment nor pollute the air. Plus, you can even get reusable shopping bags in special pricing – so it is a win-win situation.

Reasons to Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Here are five astounding reasons that further encourage you to use reusable shopping bags.

#1. Recycle

People are likely to recycle and contribute to saving the environment. When it comes to recycling plastic, it is an expensive process. Take note that one ton of plastic shopping bags cost around $30 whereas it requires $5,000 to recycle them.

To be more precise, no one wants to invest a considerable amount of money just to recycle plastic bags. This is why these bags are often thrown out and cause severe damage to the environment.

With reusable bags, you are sure that they are made of recycled material and do not threat environment in any way.

#2. Long-Lasting Option

Paper and plastic bags are not a long-lasting option. They will either tear or not remain in the same quality. You should know that reusable bags are sturdy and stay functional for an extended time period.

For example, if you use a bag made of jute or other durable material, it is likely to remain in the same condition for years.

Also, you can this incredibly durable bag not only to carry groceries but to store different items at your home.

#3. Threat to Wild-Life

If you are still looking for reasons to stop using plastic shopping bags, you need to think about wildlife. The plastic bags that we use on a daily basis are destroying wild-life by killing birds, turtles, and other animals.

Animals even ingest plastic bags that leads to immediate and unnatural death. This horrible factor is preventable if plastic bags are replaced by reusable bags.

#4. Comfortable and Functional

Most importantly, plastic shopping bags are not easy to use. When you go to grocery shopping, you need to carry different big, medium, or small bags to store all your groceries.

Reusable bags can prevent you from this hassle. This is because reusable bags are available in different shapes and sizes that carry multiple items in one go.

You can quickly throw in all your food or products without wasting excess time.

#5. Cost and Aesthetics

If you look for aesthetics in everything, reusable bags are a great option for you. They are available in diverse colors and textures that make your trip to grocery store fun and exciting.

You find plenty of classy designs that are practical and pretty at the same time. Not only a cute bag will carry your stuff but you might as well receive one or more compliments. These bags a lot more appealing than plain and random plastic bags hanging in your both arms.

Apart from aesthetics, some of the reusable bags are adorable. If you find a textured bag slightly overpriced, you should consider its lifespan which is more than a year. Also, if you prefer to save some extra bucks, you need to get a reusable bag immediately.

This is because various grocery stores offer incentives and discounts every time you show up with a reusable bag. Although these discounts range around 5-10%, it will add up over the time.

Final Thought

There is no question that reusable bags are not only durable but they have numerous benefits as well. Therefore, start using them and go green.


Muhammad Irfan
Muhammad Irfan
Irfan Bajwa is an emerging business enthusiast and passionate blogger and writer on a versatile level.


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