5 Seated Back Pain Stretches for Seniors

Exercise is not only beneficial for children, teenagers and youngsters, they are also equally important for elderly people. In the case of aged people, exercise also relieves them from joint pain and back pain. Seniors face a number of challenges when it comes to performing exercises on a daily basis for a longer duration.

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Given below is a list of five back pain stretches for seniors that can be done on a chair and in the convenience of home.

#1. Stretching the neck and the chest

Humans have a tendency of moving their chins down or forward on a daily basis for a variety of activities. These include eating, reading, driving and so on. This not only results in neck pain but also leads to sore back and spine. Among other parts of the spine, the one present right in the middle is the one which gets affected the most as a result of bad posture.

Stretching the neck and the chest while seated is one of the simplest stretching exercises for seniors. In this kind of exercise, you need to sit straight with the fingers intertwined. The thumbs should point downwards towards the ear. Move your neck to the right side. Then bring it to the middle and then move it to the left side. Continue this exercise for some time. You will definitely see an improvement in your neck and shoulder pain by performing this exercise on a daily basis. This stretching exercise stretches the trapezius and scapulae muscles.

#2. Gentle backbend while being seated

This is the next exercise on the list of stretching exercise for the benefit of the backside. In order to perform this stretching exercise, you will need to employ your pectorals, anterior neck muscles and spinal extensions.

Sit straight and lay your feet flat on the floor. Now position your hands on the hips in such a way that they face the downward direction. Now, without changing your seating position, point your eyes toward the ceiling and try to move your head on the backside as far as possible. Thereafter, bring your head back to its usual position. Repeat these steps for a few more times. This exercise is beneficial for the shoulder, the hip and the neck.

#3. Reach back

This stretch is beneficial for shoulders as well as chest. Reach back exercise is a one-of-a-type stretching exercise which not only involves pectorals but also anterior deltoids.

Sit with hands on the knees and a straight spine position. Place your feet firmly on the ground. Next, you need to interlace your hands. Before you do so, make sure you inhale deeply. Alternatively, you can also consider grabbing your opposite elbows or wrists. Breathe in again and while you do so, lift your shoulder in the upward direction gently. This will enable you to make your spine grow longer as a result of lifting your ribs. Move your shoulder blades down toward your back. Gently straighten your arms. Your upper back will open depending on how well you manage to clasp your hands.

Continue this until three deep breaths and then return to neutral after releasing your clasp. For best results, make sure you repeat it for at least three times.

#4. Seated cat-cow

Seated cat-cow is known to have a positive influence on the abdominal external oblique, rib muscle, rectus abdominous, serratus anterior and erector spinae.

Plant your feet firmly on the floor. Make sure that your knees are positioned at a ninety-degree angle to the floor. Next, put your hand on the knees with fingers pointing toward one another. Position yourself in such a way that the heel of your hands points towards the exterior of your legs. Next, continue inhaling and exhaling your air in and out of your body respectively by breathing deeper. Shape the back in the form of an arch with the help of your spine. What it means is that you need to look toward the sky while applying pressure on your butt out behind you. Repeat the cycle as long as your body permits. Try to repeat this for at least three to five times.

#5. Gentle twist

Gentle twist is one of the stretching exercises which relaxes the body and the mind. Most seniors perform this exercise without much difficulty as it is neither involves any complex movements not any other kind of complexity. It sets the neck muscles in action.

In order to do this exercise, rest your feet firmly on the floor with knees at a perpendicular angle to the ground. Edge a bit forward to give yourself more room on your back. Inhale air in a way that the ribs rise vertically. Apply pressure on the seat and let your spine lengthen as much as it can. When exhaling, turn to the right side, placing the left hand on the knee. You can position your right hand in a way which makes you feel comfortable. For best results, try doing this stretching exercise for at least three to five times. You can increase the number of times as you get used to this exercise.

So, these are some popular exercises for improving the condition of back pain without going outdoors. Elderly people can perform the steps without the need to move outdoors.

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