5 Software Development Trends Shaping Enterprise in 2018

The rapid advancement in technology in the present age has brought a revolution in almost every sphere of life. Everything from the fashion industry to software development is experiencing a change, and things are getting better and better with each coming year. Here we are going to talk about the latest trends in software development that are shaping the year 2018.  You might already have heard about the emerging trends such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, mobile computing, and cryptocurrency etc.

Let’s take a look at the top trends in enterprise software engineering that are going to shape the future of coming generations.

#1. The rising star-Blockchain

Who does not know about it? This is one of the most talked about technologies of the previous year, and there was a hype created about the bitcoins. It was the talk of the town back then, and this year, it is also assumed that the blockchain technology will bring a progressive change in every industry. More and more companies are planning to integrate this technology and offer cryptocurrency-related services.

This interconnected network of peer to peer devices compensates the lack of distinct data storage locations. Besides, it is strengthening the financial services by assisting people all over the world to make immediate non-cash transactions. Also, the acceptance and implementation of Blockchain will soon be witnessed in a wide array of fields including healthcare and administration. Some of the most popular tech giants including IBM, Oracle, Amazon, and Microsoft are planning to incorporate different Blockchain platforms. Thus, the year 2018 is going to be a lucky one for Blockchain developers.

#2. A surge of Progressive web applications

These are the web applications that function like regular websites but also offer helpful functional features including push notifications and offline working. Simply put, the PWA is fast, engaging and reliable experiences providing the useful blend of web and apps.

In the year 2017, Gartner software tech trends included PWAs, and now in 2018, these web apps are going to overtake mobile apps and contribute to a more significant market share.  The coming era is going to need the web-based solutions more. Besides, the development and maintenance of PWAs are way easier than mobile apps. Furthermore, the fact that they provide the best features of both the web and mobile apps makes them more desirable. Several major industries including entertainment, banking, and e-commerce are now using web apps.

#3. IoT adaptability

The internet of things is the expanding network, and its initial spark of the wearables including Fitbit, Apple watch, and Android wear gained much popularity. Soon, a large amount of data will be generated as everything including the home appliances, communication devices, and business processes will be connected. The IoT is going to offer endless possibilities for every field of life. For instance, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, fitness, and many more industries are excited about the wonders that it can do.

#4. Integration of Artificial Intelligence

In this age of competition, use of AI-based solution can make you stand ahead of the competitors and help you make progress at a rapid pace. Nearly 40 percent of the businesses around the world have already incorporated artificial intelligence for automation of their processes.

Several big names such as Facebook, Slack, and Google are working to lead the AI development. It has vast potential, and its decision-making capabilities are going to be helpful in multiple fields. Although, predicting the future of enterprise software engineering is not easy, but it won’t be wrong to say that AI would be a major trend.

#5. The incorporation of Mixed Reality

The MR is also known as hybrid reality. As the name indicates, it refers to the production of a new environment that result from the merger of real and virtual worlds. The mixed reality offers visualizations where both the digital and real objects exist and interact with each other in real time. Simply put, it encompasses both the augmented virtuality and augmented reality.

Currently, several enterprises are working to explore the useful possibilities of using this immersive technology to enhance their productivity. The use of mixed reality in AR games, educational programs, and e-commerce can bring out very fruitful results and soon in the near future, many industries would be integrating the Mixed reality platforms in their businesses.

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