5 Strategies for Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2018

By the way, things are constantly changing in the digital world; digital marketers have to keep up with the trends. You always have to stay up-to-date with new SEO rules, competitive analysis tools such as bulk rank tracker, and new social media marketing strategies. It is 2018, and social media marketing strategies are inclined towards customer engagement. You have to come up with ways to reach a wide audience so that you can grow your brand. And with the number of social media users growing by the day, here are some of the social media marketing strategies that you need to focus on.

#1. Customer Service

Customer service is a marketing strategy that has contributed to the growth of multiple brands. If you deal with a product or service, you have to keep the needs of your customers ahead. After all, a satisfied customer is a loyal customer, who could bring you more clients. Social media marketing has embraced customer service – brands are creating more personalized experiences for their followers on different social media platforms.

Brands have ensured to shorten the time that it takes them to reply to questions or complaints from their customers. Digital marketers have learned how to interact with their followers empathetically, especially since customer complaints are mostly public on social media channels.

#2. Visual Content

Another effective social media marketing strategy that is guaranteed to enhance your brand awareness in 2018 is using videos. Using visual content for marketing is a common strategy that is used in different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Videos have become a popular option because they are capable of generating more shares than texts and images combined. That notwithstanding, they can deliver the intended message more clearly. Succinctly, visual content is more engaging and precise. You can implement this strategy to ensure that your brand reaches more people than using plain text. Interestingly, videos mostly autoplay on these social media sites, increasing the reach. You, however, have to make sure that you post high-quality content.

#3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer something that you see on the Matrix franchise, and it isn’t confined to MIT either. Today, it is widely used in social media marketing, and it has proven to be quite useful. Digital marketers expect AI use to grow and analytical tools will be used to help marketers learn more about consumer behaviors, which will help them create more personalized customer experiences.

In 2018, marketers are relying on monitoring tools to learn more about their customers, and what they are saying about a brand. Interestingly, there are social media monitoring tools that go for free but still function effectively. Additionally, there are chatbots, which create a personalized engagement with your customers.

#4. Organic Social Media Reach

A social media platform such as Facebook has made brands that are not paying for ads less noticeable. Therefore, if you want your brand to reach a massive audience on Facebook, it is imperative to pay for some of your posts and or ads. However, you can diversify by ensuring that your brand is present on other social media sites. This allows your posts to reach a broader audience. Moreover, it is an effective means of cutting on your social media budget.

#5. Ephemeral Content

Using ephemeral content for social media marketing is a strategy whose popularity hasn’t wavered in 2018. This is a strategy that is popular on Snapchat, but other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have followed suit. This strategy involves posting intriguing stories, which disappear after a short time.

Majority of the ephemeral content disappears after 24 hours. By this time, a lot of followers will have seen your content because when they know that your content will disappear after some hours, they become more active. Albeit, you must ensure that you post high-quality content that illuminates your brand’s authenticity.


Social media marketers understand that they have to implement different strategies as time goes by. The only constant thing is that social media platforms serve as active marketing channels. This is aided by the fact that there are numerous social media users on different channels. If you implement the five strategies mentioned in this article, you might be on your way to effective social media marketing, which could help your business thrive.

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