5 Thing To Remember When Creating Content For An International Audience

The number of internet users is growing up with every day. All these people are reading something, watching something and buying something. The total number of internet users are about 3.6 billion. If you are involved in some work that is connected with people of different cultures than you need to take into the account a few things in order to avoid the unpleasant situation and to make your work more successful.

1- Cultural References

Try to avoid them. There are a lot of different nations in the world and every of it has a pretty unique tradition. You don’t know how your current cultural reference will be understood by people from another world. Sometimes people just won’t understand you, sometimes that could be offensive to them. It means that if you will talk to the European or Asian audience there is no point in mentioning Thanksgiving. No one understands that. In other cases, there could be a much worse situation. If you are talking or posting pictures about cows, you won’t be understood in India, where the cow is a sacred animal. African people believe that red is a color of aggression and death, while European culture has some other associations with that. It’s better to hire indian freelance writers if your content will be focused on Indian readers.

2- Measure systems

Remember that different countries use different measurement systems. When you are writing about something that uses some specific data about measurements (temperature, weight, distance etc.) don’t forget to double it. Europe is using meters and only a few know about meanings of the inch, foot, yard, and mile. Same with other.

As for currencies, it is better to use abbreviations. It is better to write “USD” than $ because the last symbol can mean currency of another country.

3- World religions

Despite to the vast amount of nations, most of them have similarities between with others. It doesn’t mean all cultures are similar, it means that cultures from one geographic region have more similarities with each other than with country on the other side of the world. Such things usually provided by the same religious background which put countries into one system of values. French and Polish cultures are different, though they have a lot in common due to its religious beliefs. A quick research into the most important information about all widely spread religions will make you a favor later.

4- Local social media

Social media like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram are very popular for today. If you decided to work with them you should take into the account a few things. Most of the social media have localization feature that would be very helpful for your further work with local clients. If you have enough resources it is better to make local social pages to focus more on the specific population. Facebook allows to attach one page to another, so you’re able to build a net of social pages.

5- Translations

Don’t forget that English is common not in all world. For example, Europe is much better speaks English that Asia or Russia. If you are going to translate some content you should think about that.

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