5 Things To Know Before Relocating To Winnipeg

Whether you’re relocating to Winnipeg for a job, school, or any other reasons, you’re sure to enjoy everything that the city has to offer. As the most populous city in Manitoba, the city has something for everyone! But if you’re relocating, there are some things you should know about the city – before you move! Here is a guide on our top tips for relocating to Winnipeg, to help you get started!

#1. You’ll Need A Car

If you lived in another Canadian city like Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, you may be used to using public transportation to get around the city, or even riding a bicycle.

Unfortunately, while Winnipeg has a reasonably good bus system, there are no other forms of transit. And while riding a bike is still a reasonable option for the summer and spring, it’s not ideal when temperatures begin to drop in the middle of the winter.

Unless you can live in the middle of the city – which is quite expensive – you will likely need a car, so build this into your budget when you’re moving.

#2. Your Car Will Need A Block Heater Or Blanket, Snow Tires, And More

If you already have a car, and you’re from Toronto, you may not have a block heater. A block heater is an electric device that keeps your engine block warm during the freezing Winnipeg winter, allowing it to start, trouble-free in the mornings, even if it’s far below 0-degree centigrade. Without a block heater, you risk damaging your car. You can have one installed by a mechanic, or use a “heating blanket” if you don’t want to have a block heater permanently installed.

You will also need winter tires, and you may need chains, a different kind of winterized oil, and other fluids to adapt to the climate. Take your car to a shop, and they’ll let you know what you need to get it ready for the winter.

#3. You’ll Need Very Warm Clothing

Winnipeg winters are no joke. Overnight lows of -40 degrees centigrade are not uncommon, and in the deep of the winter, the average daytime temperature is about -14.5 centigrade. You will need long underwear, high-quality boots and galoshes, a parka, hats, gloves – you name it.

If you don’t get the right clothing, you’ll be extremely cold in the winter – and if you end up getting stuck in the snow or breaking down on the road, you may be in danger of hypothermia or frostbite. In some conditions, skin exposed to extremely cold weather with a wind chill can become frostbitten in just a minute or less.

#4. You’re Going To Be Far Away From Other Major Cities

Winnipeg is fairly isolated from most other major Canadian cities. In fact, the nearest city isn’t in Canada at all – it’s Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota, located about 450 miles from the city. If you’re planning on visiting other cities regularly, you’d better like road trips – or be prepared to shell out some serious cash for a plane ticket!

#5. You’ll Have Plenty To Do In Both The Summer And Winter!

During the summer, Winnipeg is near dozens of local and national parks and attractions, such as Lake Winnipeg – the 11th biggest freshwater lake in the world! Though the winters can be long – lasting from early November to late April, in some years, the climate is great in the summer, and perfect for outdoor activities.

And, in the winter, there’s still plenty to do! Winnipeg’s frozen climate means that its residents have developed a thriving recreation, arts, and culinary scene – so even when the sun starts dipping below the horizon at 4:30PM, you’ll have plenty of things to do to keep you entertained!

Understand What To Expect – And Enjoy Your Life In Winnipeg!

Winnipeg is a great place to live, despite the freezing temperatures and shorter summers. So keep what you’ve learned in mind, prepare accordingly, and be ready to enjoy your new life in Winnipeg, Manitoba!

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