5 Tips for Buying the Best Carpet Cleaner for Your Home

With a high-tech carpet cleaner, you’ll never have to hire a carpet cleaning company again! Here are some tips for buying the best carpet cleaner for your home.

The global carpet cleaning equipment market in the US is a major revenue earner with an estimated $5 billion in revenues annually. It’s projected that more and more equipment will be sold across the world as users acquire equipment for home and office cleaning. The time for cleaning services being left to companies is coming to an end.

With a high-tech carpet cleaner, you’ll never have to hire a carpet cleaning company again! You will only need to identify the best price and quality to be in the game. Here are some tips for buying the best carpet cleaner for your home.

Trends in Carpet Cleaning Equipment

For a long time, the business of cleaning a carpet has been left in the hands of carpet cleaning companies. This means if you want to have a clean carpet in your house, outsourcing the services of a carpet cleaner becomes automatic. Things are changing and many more people are acquiring high-tech carpet cleaning equipment.

The market has a lot of equipment to choose from and many homeowners are often spoilt of choice. However, knowing which equipment fits your house has always been a challenge. Do you need a big machine for your medium-sized house, or if you buy a small one, will it be effective in cleaning.

Tips for Buying the Best Carpet Cleaner

In helping you choose the best carpet cleaning equipment, we provide you with 5 tips to make your choice easy.

#1. Type of Carpet in Your House

The material that makes up your carpet will definitely define the type of equipment you are likely to acquire. Heavy and dense carpet requires a lot of heavy scrubbing hence a need for a heavy-duty machine. If you have a lighter carpet, you don’t need a heavy carpet vacuum, because a simple one would do.

Some carpets are fluffy and can be easily cleaned by a lighter machine while some of them are quite sensitive to a machine wash. Once you identify the type of material that you are going to use, it makes the selection of the cleaning machine an easy task.

#2. Type of Machine Available

There are various types of machines available for different uses. For example, a carpet extractor is a heavy-duty machine that pumps soap to the carpet and then sucks all the water back leaving a cleaner surface. It’s also known as steam washer as it puts in hot water which helps in cleaning oil-related dirt in a carpet.

There are also Bonnet cleaning machines which are referred to as the dry carpet cleaning machine. It uses some sort of friction to get all the dirt from the carpet. This is however not considered a deep cleaner and could leave out some dirt.

There are other several machines, but most of them fall between these two types mentioned above. Once you are aware of how the cleaning process of a machine works, you will then be able to know if it fits your work.

The machine should be able to serve your needs. For example, this rotovac combines hot water jets and vacuum dryer to produce a cleaner carpet. It’s also advisable you look at all the accessories that come with the machine including a long enough power cable as well as the size-able hose.

#3. Your Budget

With the rapid growth of technology, it means that more machines with more capability are being rolled into the market. These machines with newer technologies are however more expensive. When using a cleaning machine for domestic use, you might not want to buy an expensive machine that can be used in an industrial set-up.

The budget you have set aside should be enough to give you a quality machine that gives you good carpet maintenance. It’s advisable to buy a cleaner that is of good quality and almost commercial grade. This way, you plan to acquire a machine that can clean in case you have a major mess at your house.

#4. Weight of the Cleaning Machine

When purchasing a carpet cleaning machine, ensure that it’s a machine that you can be able to move around in the house comfortably. Most of the machines are quite heavy and even get heavier with the addition of cleaning solution and water. You need to have a machine that you can be able to maneuver across your house and sometimes up to the stairs.

When buying a home carpet cleaner, it’s also good to consider who is going to operate it. With the machine weighing some considerable pounds, it can actually be a cause of back injury or strained muscle or joint. Ensure the person using it’s able to operate it effortlessly.

When not operated well, this can leave the carpet with some areas not cleaned properly. If not, choose a lighter cleaner that anyone can operate.

#5. The Noise of the Cleaning Machine

If you have a little child or someone sensitive to noise, you might consider getting a machine with a soft murmur kind of noise. Most of the cleaning machines are loud and this can be uncomfortable for babies, the old or even neighbors. When choosing your cleaning machine, enquire about the amount of noise a machine can produce.

Prolonged use of a cleaning machine in a day can be a health hazard as it can harm your hearing. It’s also advisable that if you are planning on using a cleaning machine for a long period, ensure you wear hearing protection to cancel the noise.

Grab Your Carpet Cleaner and Work on Your Carpet

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be left in the hands of a carpet cleaning company. You can handle cleaning at home and with ease and all you need is to choose the best carpet cleaner. Based on the key carpet cleaning tips we have given you in this article, ensure you ask your seller on the usability of a machine and compare this with the intended work.

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