5 Tips to Have Safer Navigation

For some time now there has been a lot of talk about the security and privacy of some networks, in the way that the services we use on the Internet every day use our data, but we often forget that we must be the first to protect our data and the safety of our team . Recently a study has been published where some of the browsers we have available have been tested and it is determined that Mozilla Firefox is the safest followed by Google Chrome .

But as I say when we are in front of the computer we control what is executed in this and we are the first to take care of the health of our team, which will be the first place where our data will go before going to another service. Therefore, I give you five basic tips to improve the security of our navigation and things to keep in mind with the use of our personal data.

Choose a secure browser

Most of the activities we develop online focus on our browser, so making an appropriate choice is important. In addition to choosing one that allows us to navigate quickly, be light and no problems we have to see also the level of security that can provide us.

In that sense, we return to the aforementioned study where two of the three fastest browsers are the safest. However the first, Internet Explorer , is not so sure, although it must be said that it has improved in recent years, it is still common to see and find users who have installed certain software on their computer or that a new bar has appeared in your browser.

Make the choice of this browser is becoming easier and is within everyone’s reach, because where more malware problems we can find is in Windows and remember that in the latest versions Microsoft is required to offer the user several alternatives to your application.

Use additional add-ons for the browser

If in the previous point we have chosen Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome this section can help us, because despite being the most secure browsers blocking levels to infected websites are not very high, around 35%. Therefore it is always a good idea to install some add-ons to our browser to increase that percentage.

In the case of Firefox we can install No-Script a well-known add-on that will prevent a web page from executing Javascript code or any other type of plugin that may be suspected of executing malicious code. If we use the Google browser, it also has a similar extension .

Take care of your team’s protection

In the same way as the two previous points, except that extrapolated to our entire team. It is useless to be very careful with the rest of things if we put a CD or a flash drive that may be infected and infect our team.

It never hurts to have an antivirus installed in our operating system and in the case of Windows, we have many free and lightweight options, such as Avast! or Microsoft Security Essentials of which Elias spoke to you some time ago . If we use Linux or Mac OS X we have to worry “less”, for the simple fact that these systems are not in the spotlight, although increasingly they are more and in the case of the operating system of Apple we have seen how they are lately launching many antivirus and the arrival of Trojans is increasingly likely. Do you know what is the best antivirus for windows 10?

Update your applications

Some people have a bad habit of updating their applications from time to time and some even do not. It is very important to keep our applications updated , not only because the most recent versions can provide us with improved features, but also because in some cases improvements are made in their security.

This is very important in the case of applications that connect to the Internet and we mainly have to have updated our browser and try to have it to the latest available version. As the main tool used to navigate, they are also the first point in which you look to find security flaws that can be exploited. And this we have to extrapolate also to our operating system, which as axis in which all our information is moving must also be updated to be up to date and avoid possible backdoors that are exploited.

Common sense

The last and most important point . All the above is very good, but without common sense the chances of us having problems increase considerably. I have often met people who initially had an updated and apparently safe computer after a while of navigation that looked like a dump, of so many bars that had been installed, online game applications or Trojans hanging around the computer.

If we have a suicidal navigation , all of the above does not help. It is important that before clicking on a link we think carefully about which page we are on and which one it can take us. We have tools that block potential threats, but they are not 100% effective, so there is no better tool than oneself, to monitor which pages we enter and what data we leave in them.

Following a bit all these tips we will find that our team will be more secure and therefore our data, improving the privacy of these. Maybe if you have time on the Internet and apply them and are not necessary, if you are new or do not have the habit of doing it may be heavy, but it really is not so much and when you put it into practice it takes little time to follow these basic rules and each You can make it more comfortable to use them to the point that it will be common in a while.



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