5 Tips to Mining for Cryptocurrency from Your Smartphone

Crypto mining is no longer the preserve of computer nerds. Today, anyone can mine for cryptocurrencies, and make a tidy profit off it. Unlike bitcoin (BTC) that requires expensive mining equipment, most other cryptos in the market today can be mined using a smartphone. All you need is an iPhone, or a good android phone and you are good to go. To help you get started, here are 5 tips to mining for cryptocurrency from your smartphone.

#1. Install a good miner

When it comes to smartphone-based crypto mining, the miner you go for determines how much you will earn from your mining activities. For instance, if you are doing iPhone mining, you need to ensure that the miner you are using guarantees you constant uptime, and transparency in the whole process. Such a miner also needs you to give you the flexibility to do other things, even as it continues to mine in the background.

#2. Get the latest smartphone

Cryptocurrency mining is all about computations. That’s why the processing power of the miner is critical to the success of the mining activity. It doesn’t matter whether that miner is an ASIC miner, a GPU miner, or a smartphone. The more powerful the processing capacity of a miner is, the more the chances of mining success. That’s why getting yourself the latest smartphone, one with a high processor power can make all the difference between success and failure in mining. The latest iPhone model, for example, is very powerful and is ideal for mining.

#3. Don’t run too many unnecessary applications

Like mentioned above, crypto mining is all about processing power. The more powerful the processor, the more the chances of success in mining. However, when it comes to smartphone mining, another factor comes into play, over and above the processor’s raw power, and that’s usage. If you want to dedicate your smartphone to crypto mining, it is best to minimize on the number of apps running on the phone. For instance, if you must have social media apps, limit the number to one or two. Don’t overwork the processor and limit its capability to successfully mine coins.

#4. Join a mining pool

Mining cryptocurrencies on your own is not a very easy task. That’s why it is best to join a mining pool through your smartphone. The best mining pools allow you to switch on, and off from the pool as transparently as possible. Transparency in this sense means that you are always aware of when your smartphone bandwidth is in use for mining activities.  This prevents any incidence where your phone slows down due to crypto mining, yet you are not benefiting from the process.

#5. Install a strong anti-malware

When mining with your smartphone, there is always the risk that hackers can hijack the process and use your phone to mine without your knowledge. This can slow down your device and make it almost unusable. To deal with this problem, ensure that you use a strong anti-malware, one that detects such attacks early, and deter them.

These were some of the best mining tips from your smartphone. When you have some gadgets, it’s good to use it for the best. You can further also read some cryptocurrency books for more ideas about how best and precisely, mining can be done from a simple smartphone.

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